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  1. bubbles
    Calamansi Sparkling Water Is the Cure for Seltzer FatigueSome new status bubbles arrive in New York.
  2. uh-oh!
    Everything You Need to Know About LaCroix’s Recent TroublesIt’s been a wild nine months for the seltzer brand, which seems to be losing its cult status among consumers.
  3. bubble wars
    Twitter Very Disappointed to Learn LaCroix’s New Flavor Isn’t WatermelonOr raspberry lime. Or dragon fruit. Or strawberry kiwi.
  4. lawsuits
    New Lawsuit Claims There’s Insecticide in LaCroixA woman is suing LaCroix maker National Beverage Corp. for allegedly misleading consumers into thinking the drink is all-natural.
  5. taste test
    A Definitive Ranking of LaCroix KnockoffsWhich pamplemousse pretender takes the crown?
  6. The Maker of LaCroix Just Issued the Craziest Press Release of the Week“THE OBSCURE SILVER LINING IS A UNIQUELY-INDUCED OPPORTUNITY.”
  7. burst your bubbles
    LaCroix Won’t Say What It’s Putting in Your Sparkling Water“Natural flavor” is the only ingredient, and the company coyly admits that it could be almost anything.
  8. pop art
    LaCroix Paintings Inspired by Warhol Are America’s Most Important New Art“It’s the soup cans for millennials.”
  9. interviews
    ‘LaCroix Boi’ Is a New Song Inspired by Midwestern Parents and Big Baby D.R.A.M.“I’m just out here acting stupid on an idea that I went balls to the wall for.”
  10. soda fight
    LaCroix’s Parent Company Might Be in Financial TroubleIt was accused of manipulating its stock, which fell by as much as 16 percent today.
  11. Yikes
    Terrible Report Says Seltzer Slowly Rots Your TeethEven unflavored fizzy water contains an acid that erodes tooth enamel.
  12. Comebacks
    Original NY Seltzer and Clearly Canadian ReturnCan a Crystal Pepsi revamp be far behind?
  13. The Other Critics
    At Ela, Jason Cichonski ‘Cooks Better Than He Looks’; Rotisseur DoesRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  14. Sweet News
    Check Out Philly’s Most Crazy-Awesome New DessertsHere are some of the newest and most amazing desserts from restaurants all over the country.
  15. The Other Critics
    Hell’s Bells: Le Bec-Fin and Lacroix Downgraded; Zahav and Bibou Ascend toNo doubt the report delivers some surprises, but it’s hardly an outright condemnation of fine dining.
  16. The Other Critics
    Ding Dong: LaBan to Drop a Fifth Four BellWho’s up and who’s down? Let us know what you think.
  17. Accolades
    PBJ Includes Ela’s Jason Cichonski In Its List of YoungThe young chef is expected to be a key player in the city’s economic sphere in 2012.
  18. Chef Shuffle
    The City Now Has a Glut of Free Culinary AgentsRecently it seemed like a buyers market for chefs looking for work, now it looks like the restaurant scene is flooded with free agents.
  19. Foodievents
    Where to Eat and Drink While Watching the Royal WeddingLacroix’s wedding celebration was moved to accommodate the overwhelming crowds.
  20. Openings
    Concepts and Deals Make Mica’s Chip Roman Feel CheapMica will not have a la carte menus, split orders or dining deals.
  21. Openings
    Chip Roman Sets His Sights on Chestnut HillThe chef and owner of Conshohocken’s Blackfih is gearing up to open a restaurant in Chestnut Hill.
  22. Chef Shuffle
    Chip Roman Hires Former Lacroix Chef Jason Cichonski; Pumpkin Brings On ChrisLocal chefs are on the move.
  23. Menus
    Where to Eat In and Take Out on ChristmasThere’s more than just Chinese food available this Christmas.
  24. Menu Changes
    Lacroix Adds White Truffles to the MenuThe added ingredient doesn’t come cheap.
  25. Users Guide
    Where To Take-Out or Dine-In For ThanksgivingWhether dining out or dining in on take-out, Grub Street has some suggestions for Thanksgiving.
  26. Chef Shuffle
    New Chefs Announced at Le Virtu and LacroixChef Joseph Cicala replaces Luciana Spurio at Le Virtu and Chef Jonathan Cichon gets bumped up at Lacroix.
  27. The Other Critics
    Twenty Manning Grill Has Relevancy, But Lacks Innovation; LaBan Likes Lunch atRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  28. The Other Critics
    Fiery Flavors Flourish at Han Dynasty; Pork Roll Is a Hit at LacroixRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  29. Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix
    Jean-Marie Lacroix Comes out of Retirement, AgainThe 69-year-old chef returns this week with a cooking demo and tasting at the National Constitution Center.