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Labor Unrest

  1. Foodienomics
    The High Cost of Low PricesIf restaurants start to hire in accordance with immigration and labor laws, prices are going to go up for everyone.
  2. Labor Unrest
    Tavern on the Green Negotiations May Go BustDean Poll is having trouble reaching an agreement with the union.
  3. Labor Unrest
    Fired Kawa Sushi Employee Picketing Restaurant“I’m fighting to get my job back,” says Tian Wen Ye.
  4. Labor Unrest
    Anonymous Dishwasher Speaks Out About Wage WoesThe other side of the fair-wage story.
  5. Labor Unrest
    Servers Rally Against Tavern on the Green, MasaThere’ll be a union protest at Tavern on the Green today.
  6. Labor Unrest
    New Tavern on the Green Already Faces Labor StrifeThe union calls a proposed new contract “a slap in the face.”
  7. Labor Unrest
    Judge Rules That Starbucks Illegally Busted UnionThree baristas must get their jobs back.
  8. Ridiculous Reviews
    Saigon Grill Still Popular, Especially With Mexican WrestlersEven after the owners were arrested, people are still visiting in droves (and some of them in masks).
  9. YouTube Hilarity
    Jean-Georges Shall Henceforth Be Known As Juan-GeorgesA hilarious YouTube clip addresses “Justin Timberlake and all the other swell-headed celebrities” who’ve been sued by waiters.
  10. Labor Unrest
    Timberlake’s Restaurant Sued, De Niro’s ThreatenedThe current chef isn’t happy about rumors that Jean-Georges Vongerichten is taking over Ago.
  11. Labor Unrest
    On the Road Again?A Drivers Union strike at Empire Merchants may be called off this afternoon.
  12. Labor Unrest
    With Liquor Strike on, Who Will Pass the Courvoisier?A union strike may affect the supply of booze to your favorite bar.
  13. Labor Unrest
    Saigon Grill Workers Get $4.6 Million PaydayAfter a long, hard legal battle, deliverymen who accused Saigon Grill of violating labor laws have prevailed.
  14. NewsFeed
    Tavern on the Green Is Latest to Drop Wild EdiblesThe seafood provider’s bankruptcy is getting no sympathy from protesters.