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Labor Fights

  1. closings
    Everything You Need to Know About the Closing of the Trader Joe’s Wine StoreEmployees claim management’s response to a unionization effort is the cause of the sudden shuttering.
  2. working conditions
    Inside the Fight to Unionize Tate’sA labor dispute has taken hold at the cookie company’s Long Island bakery.
  3. labor fights
    Inside the Fight to Save Jing FongWorkers rally to keep Chinatown’s largest restaurant alive.
  4. labor fights
    After the StrikeFear and tension inside the Hunts Point Produce Market.
  5. labor fights
    Inside the End of the Hunts Point Produce Market Strike“When it was your time to stand up, you stood up and did the right thing.”
  6. lawsuits
    Eataly Will Pay Nearly $2 Million to Settle a Labor LawsuitEmployees alleged that the company engaged in time-shaving and that certain managers told employees to work off the clock, among other violations.
  7. tip pooling
    Congress Just Introduced Legislation to Ensure Servers Get to Keep Their TipsA provision to the spending bill would clarify the Labor Department’s tip-pooling rule.
  8. tipping
    Trump’s Labor Department Wants to Legalize Tip-Pooling AgainIt would let owners distribute gratuities however they see fit.
  9. labor fights
    Fight for $15 Held Protests Across the Country on Labor DayFrom San Diego to Des Moines to Orlando, workers walked out.
  10. labor fights
    Senate Report Details Even More Worker Abuse at Carl’s Jr.Pages of new allegations about being forced to work without pay, endure harassment, and even cook while “puking.”
  11. labor fights
    Group Fighting for $15 Minimum Wage Faces a ‘Funding Crisis’ Under TrumpThe SEIU will slash spending to weather the administration’s “serious threats.”
  12. lawsuits
    Judge Denies Overtime Pay to Millions of Restaurant WorkersThe salary limit was set to expand next week.
  13. real faux pas
    Workers Claim Trader Joe’s Happy-go-lucky Workplace Has Become ‘Toxic’Complaints include getting fired for not smiling enough, workplace hazards, and callous managers.
  14. labor fights
    Group Wants to Build ‘Wall of Tacos’ Outside Trump’s Vegas HotelThe tasty protest is meant to remind him immigrant workers “will be watching the debate.”
  15. the chain gang
    De Blasio Says No More Surprise Work Schedules for New York’s Fast-Food WorkersHe backs legislation requiring that those 65,000 employees get their work hours at least two weeks in advance.
  16. minimum wage
    Chris Christie Vetoes $15 Wage Bill for New Jersey Restaurant WorkersIt would have made Jersey one of only three states to pass a living wage.
  17. the chain gang
    Starbucks Promises to Make Its Baristas’ Jobs Less Soul-CrushingIt will give them more “consistent and reliable” work hours.
  18. the chain gang
    Starbucks’ Labor Cuts Reportedly Causing Long LinesManagers accuse the company of tweaking the algorithm that allocates hours per store.
  19. the chain gang
    Employees Are Angry at Chipotle for Understaffing StoresA petition argues that many workers have already left “to find jobs that appreciated their hard work.”
  20. the chain gang
    Employees Accuse Starbucks of Cutting Hours and ‘Killing’ Workplace MoraleThe situation’s gone from “tight to infuriating.”
  21. Minimum Wage
    Restaurant Workers Will Get a Big Boost As New York Approves $15 Minimum WageNot just for fast-food workers anymore.
  22. Really Gross Stuff
    Totally Chill Kellogg’s Employee Caught Peeing on CerealWorse: He did it in 2014, so you already ate the products.
  23. Minimum Wage
    Restaurant Association Want Wages Frozen For 5 YearsThe group argues this week’s $2.50 tipped-wage bump is “hardship” enough.
  24. Labor Fights
    Feds Say Whole Foods Violated Workers RightsThe grocery chain’s rule created a “chilling effect.”