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  1. Lists
    Michelin Releases 2014 Chicago Star RatingsThe city now has more starred restaurants than ever before.
  2. Rumors
    Is Laurent Gras the Chef at Enduro? [Update: No, But Another L20 Chef Is]Forget everything you thought you knew about cheesecake.
  3. The Other Critics
    Vettel Gives Same Four Stars To Very Different L2O; Sula Packs Fabio’s Knives AtCritics review latest spots.
  4. Chefs
    Matt Kirkley’s Favorite Cookbooks Aren’t What You’d ThinkKirkley vs. cookbooks.
  5. Pastry Chefs
    Michael Laiskonis Is Coming to L2O. Who Is He?Who is L2O’s incoming pastry chef?
  6. Interviews
    L2O Chef Matt Kirkley On Losing and Winning Back Michelin StarsL2O’s journey from three stars to one to two.
  7. Let’s Do Brunch
    Stella Rossa Introduces Brunch. No One Should Eat Hangover Cold Pizza AgainJeff Mahin serves up pizzas during weekend brunch at Stella Rossa
  8. Chefs
    What Chef Matt Kirkley Did With His New Fish Tanks at L2OMatt Kirkley has really really fresh seafood at L2O.
  9. Chefs
    Laurent Gras Isn’t Coming Back, ChicagoEx-L2O chef plans 14-seater in NYC.
  10. Kitchen Staff
    Michelin Diss Leads to L2O Cook FisticuffsL2O’s Michelin demotion erupted in fisticuffs the other night.
  11. Chefs
    L2O Changes Chefs Just To Annoy Michelin AgainFor second time, L2O switches chefs on eve of Michelin awards.
  12. Foodievents
    Chicago Chefs Sign up for Hawaiian Seafood Dinner at L2OThese chefs know how to cook fish.
  13. Quote of the Day
    Laurent Gras’s Yogurt RegimenLaurent Gras has been a busy, busy man.
  14. The Other Critics
    Ruby Finds Comfort in New L2O; Sula Loves ‘Semitraditional’ La TabernaPlus: Vetel visits Ceres’ Table, and Time Out dines at Tortas Frontera
  15. The Other Critics
    Time Out Demotes New L20Kramer thinks L20 is missing its magic.
  16. Food Writing
    Guaje Seeds, Congee, and Racoon: The Week in Food WritingPlus: How to find cheaper alternatives to some of the city’s most expensive restaurants.
  17. Lists
    Newcity Guesses Why Laurent LeftWay more than we needed to know about the year.
  18. Chef Shuffle
    Chicago Talks with L2O’s Francis BrennanL2O gets on with business after Gras left.
  19. Chef Shuffle
    Laurent Gras Leaving L20 Permanently, Headed Back to New YorkLaurent Gras is officially leaving L2O.
  20. Michelin
    Rich Melman Talks about Laurent Gras, L2O, and Those Michelin StarsRich Melman spoke honestly about the Michelin guide.
  21. Michelin
    Michelin Guide Released Early; Alinea and L2O Get Three StarsThe Chicago Michelin guide was released early.
  22. Chef Shuffle
    Laurent Gras Taking Leave from L2OIs Laurent Gras departing the restaurant for good?
  23. Neighborhood Watch
    Tru Hosts Ridge Vineyards; Ria Features ‘Ocean-Friendly’ DinnerPlus: Terzo Piano celebrates the pumpkin.
  24. Quote of the Day
    Pang’s Sly Michelin InterviewAn anonymous Michelin inspector gets tricked.
  25. Chef Shuffle
    The Bristol Picks Up a New Pastry ChefThe Bristol gets a new pastry chef.
  26. Lists
    Michelin Picks Chicago for Next Restaurant GuideThe prestigious restaurant guide is coming to the Windy City.
  27. Lists
    Les Nomades and Frontera Grill Shove Alinea Into Second Place on Zagat’s 2010/11What we think about the Zagat picks.
  28. User Guides
    What’s the Most Expensive Dish in Chicago?A short list of the most expensive dishes in Chicago.
  29. Booze News
    Chantelle Pabros Leaves L2OThe sommelier had been with L20 since it opened in 2008.
  30. Taco Loco
    L2O Succumbs to the Allure of the TacoThe “tuna tacito” is, yes, a taco. But one in true Laurent Gras style.
  31. Seasonality
    Take Your Pick of Culinary SeasonsFiddlehead ferns at L2O, and Original Rainbow Cone opens “for the summer season.”
  32. Interiors
    How To Keep It Down in Noisy RestaurantsDeafening dining rooms are awfully common, but they’re easy to deal with.
  33. Back of the House
    Oil in the FamilyLaurent Gras’s parents press their own olive oil. Of course.
  34. The Food Chain
    Thomas Boyce Remembers Chris Cosentino’s Chili and Bones (But Not Much Else)A specialty dish at Incanto stuck with the Spago chef, even after a bevy of refreshments.
  35. The Food Chain
    Laurent Gras Wants To Eat Spago’s Smoked Salmon Pizza Every MorningLaurent Gras and Spago’s Thomas Boyce discuss a classic Wolfgang Puck plate.
  36. The Food Chain
    Eric Ripert Thinks L2O’s Grilled Kindai Toro is Just Dreamy“The fish basically melts in your mouth, almost disappears like a cloud because of the richness.”
  37. Openings
    Say Hello to Guild Gilt, Taking Over the Former Aigre DouxA French Laundry and LEYE vet plans to open a “low cost” restaurant.
  38. Foodievents
    The Drinking & Libation Society: The Newest Secret Club In TownTime Out Chicago launches a new dining club.
  39. Oenofile
    A Tipsy EducationL2O’s wine staff have a rigorous educational schedule.
  40. Chefs Gone Wild
    Fancify Your Takeout a la Laurent GrasLaurent Gras tops off a day of biking 100 miles by sprucing up a takeout pizza.
  41. The Other Critics
    What Makes A Four-Star Restaurant?Phil Vettel just handed four stars to Les Nomades, and we aren’t entirely sure we understand why.
  42. Trends
    Know Your Distilled Chili PeppersL2O adds a distilled-jalapeño dish to the menu.
  43. What to Eat
    It’s Snowing FishThe newest dish at L2O involves shaving frozen tuna.
  44. Lists
    New York Pastry Chef Gina DePalma Swoons for SpringGina DePalma loves everything Shawn McClain does, plus her other favorite Chicago restuarants.
  45. Trends
    Is Simple Food Killing Molecular Gastronomy?The latest crop of restaurants offer straightforward, honest cooking. Is the age of Alinea over?
  46. Back of the House
    Laurent Gras Creates His Own Launch Blog, and It Rules >Since Sam Mason and Tailor absorbed a world of abuse for the ongoing chronicle that was the Launch, most chefs have been pretty wary about broadcasting the development of their restaurant projects. But clearly Laurent Gras, the talented chef best known here for his work at Peacock Alley, wasn’t fazed. Gras is launching an ambitious haute cuisine restaurant in Chicago, L20, and recently launched a blog detailing the process: the how and why of the butter program, the bread, even the very wood of the place. It’s a fascinating view of how one of the country’s top chefs thinks about creating a restaurant, told in the first person. It may not have the unintentional comedic value of the Launch, but it’s a great read and may actually give you a reason to want to visit Chicago. L20 Blog