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  1. The Other Critics
    J. Gold Hails Hinoki & The Bird; L.A. Weekly Drops ‘99 Essential Restaurants’In Santa Ana, Brad A. Johnson loves Jason Quinn’s food, even if he thinks there’s a “Playground bully” lurking in the kitchen.
  2. Lists
    L.A. Weekly Recommends ‘100 Favorite Dishes’Starting with Lukshon’s dan dan mian and ending on Spago’s veal mignon tartare.
  3. Foodievents
    Fred Eric Hosting Pancake Breakfast FestOver 25 restaurants will deliver morning meal creations.
  4. The New Kid
    L.A.’s New Restaurant Critic Unrolls Her Plan of AttackThe critic will follow the rules as established by Craig Claiborne.
  5. Unwanted Exposure
    Has L.A. Weekly’s New Critic Been Exposed and Does It Really Matter?“The anonymous critic is a conceit these days anyway,” says L.A. Weekly food editor Amy Scattergood, who isn’t exactly sure
  6. Besha Rodell
    L.A. Weekly Hires Besha Rodell To Replace Jonathan GoldThe former New Yorker was most recently the food editor at Creative Loafing Atlanta.
  7. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold To Tackle Reviews at L.A. Times, Elina Shatkin Also Leaving L.A.The loss of another foodie ace-in-the-hole leaves more giant shoes to be filled for Village Voice Media.
  8. The Gold Watch
    Pulitzer-Winning Critic Jonathan Gold Leaving L.A. Weekly for L.A.Village Voice Media apparently tried to retain Gold with “money the chain had not previously shown itself willing to commit.”
  9. The Other Critics
    The Times Finds Persian Stews in the Valley; Gold’s Top 10 Dishes of the YearA look back at one delicious year.
  10. Awards
    L.A. Weekly Awards Starry Kitchen, Chego, MattBites, and Street GourmetLocal restaurants and bloggers take home honors for their coverage.
  11. Imports
    Yes California, There Is An Eataly Being Considered In L.A.A publicist confirms that partners are actively looking for locations, though the whole idea is simply being “considered.” Hmm?
  12. Slideshow
    What You Missed at The 2011 Gold Standard EventAs a testament to Gold and L.A.’s everyday eateries, some of his earliest discoveries were churning out the best plates at L.A. Weekly’s third annual food event.
  13. Oh Sherry
    J. Gold on ‘Second-Rate’ Red Medicine and MoreAnonymity is important! And more restaurant-critic musings from Jonathan Gold.
  14. The Gold Watch
    Ball Jokes Drive Jonathan Gold NutsThe L.A. Weekly asks for a moratorium on orb-shaped anatomy jokes.
  15. The Other Critics
    Gold Deposits 99 Essential Eats for 2010; Virbila Enjoys The YardGold drops a few big names from his annual list of must-eats, while L.A. Times likes The Yard, but still gives it just one-and-a-half stars.
  16. Mediavore
    Sarah McLachlan Makes Chocolate; McDonald’s Heir Beaten and RobbedThe singer packs them in Tupperware for Lillith Fair rehearsals while Geoffrey McDonald loses $376,000 to violent thieves.
  17. Getting to Know You
    What L.A. Weekly Reveals about Tom Leykis, Dead Bodies Found at Safeway,The new People Issue offers new insights into our restaurant owners and chefs.
  18. Awards
    Gold Grabs Beard; Brad A. Johnson Wins ‘Best Critic’ from Cordon BleuL.A.’s critics win big during two awards ceremonies, while chefs and restaurants are passed up.
  19. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    L.A. Weekly Looks at 50 Places to Get Loaded At for LessInsider tips, chef-driven deals, and real dive bars get a spotlight.
  20. Superlatives
    What Does Jonathan Gold Want You to Try Before You Die?The L.A. Weekly will publish a new food issue this week.
  21. The Other Critics
    Lazy Ox Scoops Up Virbila’s Best Burger Nod; Gold Would Suffer Street Food FestL.A. Weekly overlooks flaws at a failed food event and L.A. Times boosts Downtown’s latest hot spot.
  22. The Other Critics
    Delphine Debuts to Gold’s Delight; Brad A. Johnson Finds the Best La Buca YetThe W’s new restaurant scores with The L.A. Weekly and Angeleno loves the kitchen shake-up at an Italian legend.
  23. Awards
    L.A. Weekly Announces Web Award WinnersFood bloggers and restaurants score for their contributions.
  24. The Other Critics
    Studio at Montage Laguna Beach Scores with L.A. Times; L.A. Mag Feels Split onS. Irene Virbila enjoys the views and food at Studio at Montage, and L.A. Mag is undecided on Warren Schwartz’ new place.
  25. The Other Critics
    The L.A. Times Enjoys Stefan Richter’s Small Plates; Feniger’s StreetVirbila takes a shine to Stefan’s at L.A. Farm, while J. Gold reviews Susan Feniger’s first solo restaurant.
  26. Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Reveals HimselfJonathan Gold on the state of L.A.’s food and the state of his employment at L.A. Weekly.