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  1. Trans-Fat Express
    The End of Krispy Kreme, Coffee, and Pizza? There’s Always Denny’sThe Board of Health’s unanimous decision to ban trans fats from New York — on the anniversary of Prohibition repeal, no less — has, predictably, inspired a major and ongoing backlash. Libertarian organization Consumer Freedom responded with full-page ads in USA Today and the Post, warning that pizza, coffee, and corned-beef sandwiches might be next. [Center for Consumer Freedom] Even the Times has gotten in on the “we miss trans fats already” action, reporting on how hard it is to cook without them. “I can tell you in advance, the Crisco will make a flakier crust.” [NYT] Krispy Kreme, the entity that serves trans fat in circular form, probably can’t get with the program in time. [Winston-Salem Journal] But Denny’s can. [Business Wire] Finally, restaurants wonder how the law will be enforced. [Dominican Today]
  2. Back of the House
    Batali and Ramsay Serve Feet to Own Mouths; the Demise of Krispy Kreme?Mr. Nasty disses Keller and Robuchon, says the grub’s better in London, tries to poach Ducasse’s staff, and admits he’s “f****** shitting” himself. [Sunday Times of London] Clearly, he’s “not looking to take New York by storm.” [The Independent] Batali and landlord get into a pissing contest of sorts. [Gawker] Klee’s and Kyotofu’s menus unveiled; Freitag gives Gusto a menu makeover. [Strong Buzz] “The corner of West 12th and West Fourth Streets is one that cabbies will have to get used to.” [NYT] Related: Fall Preview: Great Eats on Seventh Avenue South Would a trans-fat ban put the kibosh on Krispy Kreme? [NYP] Monkey-arm purveyor meets the long arm of the law. [NYP]