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  1. Mediavore
    Florida Prisoner Protests Soy Diet; UCLA Cafeteria Goes GlobalMystery meat is increasingly being replaced by sushi and pork ramen.
  2. Openings
    Debbie Lee Opening Ahn Joo Snack Bar on November 10th, But Someone Has to FindOr maybe UrbanSpoon already pinpointed the location and it’s game over.
  3. Openings
    Issac Toast Comes Back From the Grave in Santa MonicaThe Korean sandwich shop stands a much better chance of survival with the SMC kids.
  4. L.A. Diet
    Roy Choi Eats Korean BBQ With James Syhabout and Downs a Kush Cookie Before Bed“Every kitchen that I’m at, any kitchen, if there’s something coming off the stove, you can bet my spoon’s coming out of that.”
  5. Trend Tracking
    More Fall Openings Onslaught: Hope You Like Noodles!Asian and Italian restaurants are proving prominent on fall’s bill of fare.
  6. Closings
    Jup-She Is No MoreThe Korean restaurant has been gutted.
  7. The Other Critics
    Virbila Purrs at Hungry Cat; Gold Eats Beaver and Bear at Starry KitchenThe L.A. Weekly critic also gets initiated into the cult of Mother Dough Pizza.
  8. Deals
    Beer and Bao Ssam for Ten at MokoThe restaurant wraps ssam in bao for a creative take on lunch.
  9. Mediavore
    Sean Combs Sued After Restaurant Shooting; Avocados and Mangoes Promote MaleThe lawsuit centers on an incident at Justin’s, the rap mogul’s Atlanta restaurant.
  10. Foodievents
    The Korean BBQ Cook-Off Starts An Amateur DivisionJudges include Heroes actor James Kyson and blogger Sarah Gim.
  11. Openings
    Bon Chon to Bring Korean Tacos Brick and MortarWill the city finally get a reliable source for the tacos that’s not a truck?
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Marcel Vigneron Enters The Sherbourne; Dan Moody Pops Up at Scoops WestsideAlready, the television toque is arguing about an opening date with partner Darren Dzienciol.
  13. A New Raku?
    Raku Under New Ownership in West L.A.The restaurant is bracing for possible change in six months, following news of a new ownership.
  14. Strip Search
    Strip Search: 3300-3400 Overland Avenue, PalmsThe once-lackluster street has seen a food revolution of its own with the introduction of Roy Choi’s rice bowls and Matt Kang’s coffee and ice cream shop.
  15. Rants
    SinoSoul Takes On Korean Cuisine“Korean cuisine is a 2 trick donkey,” writes the controversial blogger, not afraid to stir up another fight.
  16. Menus
    First Look at Moko’s MenuThe kim chi uses Napa cabbage, the fried chicken is Jidori, and the prices don’t get near to what WP24 charges for luxury Chinese.
  17. The Other Critics
    Gold Meets The Noodle Guy; Merrill Shindler Chooses Chun ChonThe L.A. Weekly critic also takes a first bite at Ray’s and declares Morningstar the current market menu master.
  18. Openings
    Gyenari Closed, To Be Replaced By MoKo Next TuesdayFormer Russian Tea Room chef Gary Robins, hot off a fall pop-up, will do the Korean-inspired cooking here.
  19. What to Eat
    Korean Mobile Kitchen Kicks Off Five Weeks of Free Lunch This Monday, StartingAlso, Kunjip’s kimchee fried rice and jeon from Don’s Bogam. All free!
  20. Empire Building
    Tom ‘N Tom’s Coffee Coming to KTown’s SolairThe growing Korean coffee empire has 175 locations back home and one existing shop in L.A.
  21. Slideshow
    First Look: Thomas Kim Opens The Standing RoomThe chef’s takeout joint offers a Philly cheesesteak with bulgogi and jerk chicken wings in an Asian-infused ode to beach food.
  22. Finds
    Korean BBQ Unearthed in Santa MonicaA mediocre-looking strip mall restaurant hides some of the Westside’s only Korean-grilled meats.
  23. Strip Search
    Strip Search: 3575-3357 Wilshire Blvd., KoreatownWhere to find Cajun seafood, Korean porridge, and molten-hot soon tofu soup with a side of bulgogi in Koreatown.
  24. Truckin’
    Kimchi Taco Truck Is Ready to RollIt’ll hit midtown this week.
  25. In the Magazine
    The Korean Deli DilemmaTo steam table or not to steam table?
  26. Trends
    Chinese-Dumpling Man Gets With the Kimchee-Taco TrendThe Krave BBQ truck gets some competition in Jersey City.
  27. The Other Critics
    Gaon Flavor-Bombs Gold’s Suburbs; Virbila Checks Out Chaya’s New ChefL.A. Weekly doubles down on Korean food, while L.A. Times approves of the work being done by Harutaka Kishi.
  28. Trends
    Korean Tacos Are Here to StayKorean tacos: coming to a food court near you.
  29. Trends
    For One Forecaster, 2011 Will Be a Lot Like 2010It’s funny how some forecasters appear to looking back when reporting on whats to come.
  30. Slideshow
    What to Eat at Danji, Serving ‘Traditional’ and ‘Modern’A Masa and Daniel vet goes solo in Hell’s Kitchen.
  31. Mediavore
    World Could Run Out of Food by 2050; Zabumba Murder Suspect Denied ReleaseScientists warn that food security needs to improve or else dire consequences could befall the food supply.
  32. Marcus Samuelsson
    Marcus Samuelsson Cooks in L.A., Loves Mozza, Korean Food, and Of Course, AnimalThe New York chef cooked at the SLS Hotel and dishes on what he loves about the city.
  33. Openings
    What to Eat at Sensebowl, Midtown’s Latest ‘Asian Chipotle’Build your own bowl!
  34. Menu Changes
    Say It Ain’t So: Meritage Discontinues Korean Fried ChickenThe weekly Korean fried chicken special is being replaced with a tasting menu inspired by Chef Anne Coll’s grandmother’s traditional Lancaster County recipes.
  35. Menu Changes
    This Is What a $3.99 Lobster Roll Looks LikeText now for your order!
  36. Coming Soon
    Kabab Grill Filling Onetime Bul-Gogi Space In PalmsCould this corner have a magical ability to predict L.A.’s palate?
  37. Menu Changes
    Anne Coll Rolls Out a New Fall Menu at MeritageThe new menu offers a broad range of tastes from Asian to French and beyond.
  38. The Other Critics
    Craft Casts A Spell on S. Irene Virbila; Gold Talks Taco Town at TingaGold also drops a walloping rumor about Guelaguetza’s future in Palms.
  39. Mediavore
    Drexel Offers One of the Country’s Only Classes Devoted to Korean Food;Plus Campbell Soup heiress Mary Alice Dorrance Malone is one of America’s wealthiest, and Democrats worry that school lunch funding will take away from food stamps, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. Mediavore
    Padma Defends Alex Reznik; Smooth’s Closing in Long BeachThe Top Chef host explains it all, while an institution is shuttering in LBC.
  41. Neighborhood Watch
    Library Bar Serves Food; Supper Will Be Liberated at GuelaguetzaNeighborhood Watch.
  42. Openings
    Bibigo Hot Stone Opens in WestwoodThe chain will roll out 199 more restaurants in the U.S. in an attempt to be the “McDonalds of Korean food.”
  43. Happy Birthday
    Cham Launches Korean Tapas MenusFind traditional sides alongside haricot vert fries and bacon-wrapped rice cakes.
  44. Openings
    Project Danji Blogs the Construction of a Masa Vet’s Solo DebutExpect delays …
  45. Mediavore
    LAX Concession Plans Stalled By Politics; South L.A. Fast Food Ban Might EndureA ban once set to expire gets recharged, while Angelenos may have to forget about Nancy Silverton and Susan Feniger at the airport.
  46. The Other Critics
    Kuh Hoped For More From Rick Bayless; J. Gold Sniffs Pork Vapors at Baek HwaLos Angeles magazine finds more missteps than successes at Red O, while L.A. Weekly follows a restaurant recommendation from Roy Choi.
  47. Openings
    Okane Opens in KTownIt might be “Gaam Jr.,” but it’s also 30% off to start.
  48. Openings
    Bicycle + Gogi Slow Cook Korean ‘Cue in KTownOwners promise an entirely new concept for smoking and cooking short ribs, pork belly, and baby backs.
  49. Mediavore
    Korean Tacos Go National; Cake Boss Sued By Software CompanyAtlanta and Indianapolis can put kim chi in Mexican food too, but a popular food show might have to rethink its originality.
  50. Neighborhood Watch
    Pizza Fries Hit Burbank; Kalbi Burger Opens in KTownNew comfort tastes hit L.A.
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