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  1. Coming Soon
    Kodoku Coming to KTown With Fusion SushiLuxury Japanese rolls will replace Korean barbecue.
  2. Truckin’
    North Korea Is Coming! To a Taco Truck, Of CourseBut haven’t kim chi quesadillas and rice bowls been done before?
  3. User’s Guide
    Where to Eat Around the World and Watch the World Cup in L.A.Even if soccer isn’t your favorite sport, The World Cup offers a tremendous opportunity to try new cuisines.
  4. Truckin’
    Debbie Lee Joins The Food Truck Fleet With AhnJooThe Food Network star makes Southern-Korean pub grub for the L.A. Film Festival and beyond.
  5. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Recalls Kogi’s DebutKogi’s chef claims he was never trying to make a statement.
  6. Empire Building
    Fast Food Bibimbap Chain Launches with Its Eye on L.A.Bibigo promises a Korean fast-food outlet in L.A. by the end of 2010.
  7. Empire Building
    Calbi Spreads Korean Tacos to TexasKogi won’t be the only household name in Korean tacos for long.
  8. Temporary Closings
    Kyochon Closes for RetrainingPlus, should you have to hold a germ conduit before palming fried chicken?
  9. Marketing Gimmicks
    How to Market Any Eatery Using Korean TacosFood trucks and now the food they bear continue to be co-opted by big business.
  10. Truckin’
    Fire Hook Truck Tries Adding Heat to Korean TacosFire Hook Truck promises something spicier than Kogi, but so far fails.
  11. Quote of the Day
    How Emeril Lagasse Influenced Kogi TacosRoy Choi was a self-described “dead-beat” until he hit rock bottom with a T.V. chef.
  12. Slideshow
    What to Eat at Kyochon, Finally Serving Korean Fried Chicken in MidtownA look inside the “KFC” juggernaut’s futuristic Manhattan flagship.
  13. Mediavore
    Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Use Food to Stay Sexy; Decaf Gets Its DueChocolate sauce finds its way into a famous rocker’s bedroom and a maligned coffee is being considered more carefully.
  14. The Other Critics
    Sam Sifton Challenges Gold, GQ, and Shindler; Brad A. Johnson AdoresThe New York Times’ restaurant critic challenges his peers’ take on Los Angeles eating.
  15. Previews
    Debbie Lee Previews New L.A. Restaurant at BreadBarA Next Food Network Star brings her food and puns to Hollywood.
  16. Closings
    Closings Hit Westside Before Their TimeIndian, Japanese, and Korean restaurants close.
  17. Empire Building
    Homegirl Hopes to Expand to LAX; Zip Fusion Owner Buys Blue DahliaHealthy Mexican food come could to the airport, while Korean BBQ will have a new home Downtown.
  18. Openings
    St. Marks Loses One KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), Gains AnotherBBQ Chicken is gone, but Kyedong is coming.
  19. Openings
    The Blue Whale Jazz Bar Beaches in Little TokyoA menu of Korean bar food is as artful as the architecture.
  20. Openings
    Chicken Nuggets: Bon Chon Opens Two New Ones; Kyochon May Open Next MonthPlus, Korean tacos!
  21. Video Feeds
    KimChi is Ready for Its Close-UpOne of Korea and L.A.’s favorite foods becomes a film star.
  22. Empire Building
    Kogi Gunning for Yoshinoya’s GroundAlice Shin spills a few beans on her new concept.
  23. Empire Building
    Kogi Plans a Rice Bowl-Based Diner in West L.A.Kogi will start a brick and mortar restaurant in West L.A.
  24. Closings
    St. Marks Gets Karaoke, Loses a KoreanGama has closed after three years, but welcome U2 Karaoke to the neighborhood.
  25. Closings
    BBQ Chicken Closes to Make Way for ‘Irresistible Taiwanese’Korea’s most ubiquitous fried-chicken chain calls it a day.
  26. Imports
    Bibimbap Chain Sets Sights on Saturated CityWill Korean BBGO stand a chance in L.A.?
  27. Reopenings
    Korean Barbecue (From Japan) Arrives In Los FelizTangier adopts a Korean BBQ concept.
  28. Empire Building
    The Calbi Truck Storms Universal StudiosCalbi begins its planned expansion with a trip to a theme park.
  29. Openings
    First Look at 8st Kitchen, Serving Bo Ssäm and Korean Pancakes This WeekThe owners of a secret K-town fixture bring their chef downtown.
  30. Openings
    Bul-Gogi to Fuse Korean BBQ in Culver CityBul-gogi is coming to Venice Blvd. to twist Korean BBQ.
  31. What to Eat
    Cutlets Defends Bill’s Burger; AHT Goes Gaga for Bulgogi BurgerA Hamburger Today weighs in on Song 7.2’s Korean-style burger.
  32. TV Land
    Chang on Today“The radical chef” (?) teaches America how to make kimchee.
  33. Openings
    Kogi Starts a New Truck for O.C., Rolling Out TomorrowTrendy Kogi gives Orange County its own taco truck.
  34. Menus
    What to Eat in Gyenari’s New Korean Beer Garden, Open ThursdayGyenari unveils a new patio this week with its own special menu.
  35. Openings
    Chicken Nuggets: News From Kyochon, Bon Chon, and Hill Country ChickenThe latest in fried chicken.
  36. Empire Building
    Calbi Trucks To Be Franchised by Baja FreshA corporate restaurant chain starts franchising Korean taco trucks.
  37. Mediavore
    Homeboy Industries Feels Financial Pinch; Grease Truck Spills on a La JollaHomeboy Industries feels short on cash, while a grease truck spills its contents in La Jolla.
  38. Mediavore
    Disney’s Master Sommelier Splits; Food Safety Costs Doubled for Leafy GreensSommelier Michael Jordan leaves Disney to start his own winery and leafy greens farmers are seenig food safety costs sky-rocket.
  39. Menu Changes
    Song 7.2 Sells Bulgogi Burger for a SongFive-dollar Korean burgers for a limited time.
  40. Tony Tony Tony
    Chang Baits Vegetarians; Bourdain Admits He’s a Bad New YorkerA recap of last night’s outer-borough episode of ‘No Reservations.’
  41. Lists
    What are L.A.’s Can’t-Miss Meals?Mozza and Kogi have L.A.’s can’t-miss meals, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine.
  42. Menus
    Next Food Network Star’s Debbie Lee Bringing ‘Seoul-ful’ Menu toDebbie Lee from Food Network’s Next Star is back with her own menu to please L.A.’s fusion needs.
  43. Slideshow
    Slideshow: What you Missed at the Korean BBQ Festival and Cook-OffKoreatown starts a cook-off on a parking lot roof.
  44. Freebies
    Free Bon ChonStop into the Tribeca store for a free wing.
  45. Recession Is Your Friend
    Bon Chon Bomb: Unlimited Chicken and Beer at Boka$20 gets you all the Korean chicken your heart desires.
  46. Openings
    Pho My God: Newly Opened Pho 32 Will Serve Soup 24 HoursA look at the East Village’s new pho and shabu-shabu spot.
  47. Openings
    A First Look at Korean Sammy Spot, Seoul StationOffering a Korean alternative to the sandwiches at Nicky’s Vietnamese.
  48. Poolside Gourmet
    Spa Adds Brunch, But We Still Prefer Corn Dogs With Our SchvitzBody by Brooklyn’s brunch looks nice, but does it hold a candle to rib-eye steak, Russian beers, and corn dogs?
  49. NewsFeed
    Is Chop Suey the Worst Name Ever for a Korean Restaurant? Zak Pelaccio has been getting an earful from some Asian-Americans over Chop Suey, the name of his latest project as Consulting Chef of the Future. At least among the ones who commented on Grub Street, the prevailing feeling seemed to be that, political aspects aside, the name was just dumb: “Chop Suey is such a HORRIBLE NAME! Not only is it NOT Korean generally, the name “chop suey” or ‘za sui,’ when used in Chinese, has the meaning of cooked animal offal or entrails.” “Zak needs help picking names of his restaurants … Chicken Bone? FATTY Crab, Chop Suey?” “My GOD. chop suey is the stupidest name for any kind of restaurant Pelaccio has come up with to date.”
  50. NewsFeed
    Zak Pelaccio’s Chop Suey to Open Next MonthZak Pelaccio has somehow found time to plan a new restaurant, in between taking over Borough Food and Drink from Jeffrey Chodorow, opening a new Fatty Crab uptown, and perfecting a haute Malaysian restaurant in London. Look for a big new Korean-themed restaurant in the Renaissance called Chop Suey to open (says Pelaccio with optimism) in late January. Last summer, the bearded wonder took a trip to Korea, where he fell in love with the marinated beef belly and other meaty delights he plans to implement in his new menu as consulting chef. At this pace, we predict Ditmas Park and Inwood will be only Pelaccio-free neighborhoods in New York. But if they’re lucky, they’ll get restaurants too. Related: Zak Pelaccio Taking Over Borough Food and Drink From Jeffrey Chodorow
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