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  1. restaurant review
    Porcelain Has Destination-Worthy “Vaguely Asian” FoodThe Korean-Chinese fusion cooking at the Ridgewood restaurant has a modestly elegant style.
  2. feasts
    Where to Celebrate Chuseok, the Harvest Festival of KoreaThis Friday, it’s time for a feast.
  3. restaurant review
    At Korean Hot-Pot Restaurant O:N, the Appetizers Nearly Upstage the Main EventChef Namhyung Woo’s menu shares an elevated fusion touch with places like Atoboy and Atomix, which belong to the same restaurant group.
  4. cooking
    Rice Cakes Fundido Are the Korean-Swiss-Mexican Mash-up You Need Right NowAt Brooklyn’s Haenyeo, chef Jenny Kwak has created a new type of multicultural food.
  5. restaurant review
    Atomix Redeems the Often Stale Chef’s-Counter Tasting MenuWith Korean flavors and seasonal flair, Junghyun Park’s elaborate venture is clearly designed as a lofty, ambitious bookend to his Atoboy operation.
  6. openings
    Atomix, the Upscale, Tasting-Menu Sequel to Atoboy, Opens May 30It’s Korean fine dining through the culinary lens of a world-traveled, South Korean-born New York chef in a minimalist, modern setting.
  7. fall preview 2017
    A Blue Hill Vet Is Bringing a Korean Banchan Restaurant to WilliamsburgThe menu at Sunny Lee’s Ajjuma includes fried kimchee with shishitos, spicy squid jerky, and sweet-potato dumplings cooked in schmaltz.
  8. Craze
    Oiji Brings Korean Honey-Butter Chips to the East VillageUniquely sweet, salty, and sticky, with a notable moistened crunch.
  9. Air Traffic
    In-Flight Ramen Fight Leads to Passenger’s Arrest at LAXThe Korean business class traveler struck a flight attendant in the face after deeming his ramen “too salty half-cooked.”
  10. Guides
    New Restaurant Guides Seek to Clear Paths Through Downtown and KoreatownThe guide to Korean restaurants in L.A. is more representative than comprehensive, eschewing more of KTown for a regional overview.
  11. Closings
    Kyochon Crashes in Culver CityAnd with it, widespread Westside dreams of a flourishing Korean food scene.
  12. Empire Building
    Genwa Replacing Woo Lae Oak on Restaurant RowThis should be the Westside’s strongest contender for a solid Korean barbecue option yet.
  13. Openings
    Sonagi Korean Replacing Dae Sung OakThe restaurant serves tableside prime cuts, along with a menu of traditional cuisine.
  14. Openings
    Castle Korean BBQ Overtakes Bulgogi HouseThe popular and inexpensive all-you-can-eat restaurant is now supporting a sequel down the street.
  15. Openings
    U2 Korean Barbecue Replacing Manna on Olympic, With or Without YouThe restaurant comes from owners of Ginseng and Kimchi on the Vegas Strip.
  16. The Name Game
    Psy Gives His Blessing to Rogue ‘Gangnam Style’ RestaurantThe singer considered suing, but really just wants to dance.
  17. Openings
    Seoul’s Gospel House Opens in KTownAnd it rocks…well, kind of.
  18. TV Land
    Kang Ho-dong Makes a Contrite Comeback to Korean TelevisionThe disgraced superstar currently owns the hottest restaurant in Koreatown, and pleads for forgiveness on T.V.
  19. Grub Guide
    It’s Alive! Six Places to Eat Still Wriggling Dishes in L.A.If eating seafood delicacies that are still living or, at least appear as if they are, happens to be up your alley, this city has you covered.
  20. Foodievents
    Korean Festival Brings Gangam Style Party to LAThe biggest Korean festival in Los Angeles is here again.
  21. Openings
    Seoul Sausage Offers Sneak Peek TodayTonight, The Great Food Truck Race winner will offer its non-tubular creations.
  22. Koreatown
    Where To Get Your Feet Wet in KoreatownA perfect first step into nine essential Korean restaurants, whether pork, seafood, or banchan are on the brain.
  23. The Other Critics
    Chen Chows Chuan Ma Noodle House; Gold Ponders The Japanese Food CourtRosemead’s new Sichuan earns mighty accolades for its hand-cut noodles and six-spice broth.
  24. Openings
    What to Eat at Gaonnuri, Serving Upscale Korean High Above K-Town [Updated]The restaurant opens September 25.
  25. Foodievents
    What You’ll Find at ‘A Taste of Koreatown,’ Saturday at NoonEl Cholo and Papa Cristo’s will add some diversion from the galbi.
  26. Openings
    Sawtelle Scouting: Seoul Sausage Due Soon, Miyata Menji Closed for RemodelA new pizza place, inspired by 800 Degrees, is also about a week away for its debut.
  27. My Favorite Things
    SuChin Pak Picks Her Four Favorite L.A. Food VendorsOn the eve of Hollywood’s final Hester Street Fair, its famous founder tells us which L.A. edibles she can’t live without.
  28. Closings
    LaOn Dining and Don Dae Gam Go Down in KTownOwner Jenee Kim will next focus on opening her Downtown project, Oleego.
  29. Coming Soon
    Sneak Peek at Gaonnuri, Bringing Sky-High Korean to K-Town Next MonthThis one sounds fancy.
  30. Leftovers
    Colonial Wine Bar Begins Happy Hour; Alegria’s Owner RobbedNadine Trujillo’s home was ransacked while she worked, leading to a community appreciation day in her honor.
  31. The Chain Gang
    MMM-Bibimbap! Korean Chain Bibigo Coming to NYC in 2013Finally.
  32. Openings
    Bibigo Opens Century City Mall Location TomorrowThe new address will mark the fast-casual Korean chain’s thirteenth global location.
  33. The Name Game
    Tofu Ya Tear Makes Way For Galbi King in PalmsThe partners in this all-you-can-eat barbecue joint have parted ways.
  34. KTown
    Is Koreatown’s Most Interesting Restaurant…Italian?Probably not in a neighborhood selling live octopus and sea cucumber skeet.
  35. Coming Soon
    Seoul Sausage Company Opening in Little OsakaThe makers of kim chi and kalbi wieners plan to debut before summer.
  36. Reopenings
    Pine Tree Korean Rises From The Ashes in NorthridgeMore than a year after shuttering, a favorite Northridge AYCE is back.
  37. Empiure Building
    Moo Dae Po Headed for The SGVThe all-you-can-eat barbecue business won KTown’s first ‘cue cook-off and has been on the march ever since.
  38. Mediavore
    An Early Look Into Nobu Malibu; What Are L.A.’s Best Korean Restaurants?From Oo-Kook to Genwa, Susan Park lists ten of KTown’s best.
  39. Openings
    Bibigo Opens in Beverly Hills Next MondayThis is the South Korean chain’s second U.S. location in an empire it once promised would be 1,500 strong by 2015.
  40. The Other Critics
    Gold Offers 60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know; Burum Finds Nirvana atThe critic pens a swan song for L.A. Weekly on the city’s densest, arguably greatest dining district.
  41. Openings
    Sneak Peek at Upscale Korean Barbecue Temple Kristalbelli, Opening March 8It’s glitzy, pricey, and meat-smoke-free.
  42. Truckin’
    NOMA Vet Reignites Modest Interest in L.A. Food TrucksCharles Slonaker counts jobs at Nobu, Noma, and Commerc 24 on his resume.
  43. Reopenings
    Sai Sai Ditches Sushi, Turns Into Stripped-Down Noodle BarNobu vet Jonathan Shin is leading up the recipes in Thomas Ryan’s kitchen.
  44. Menu Changes
    Korean Short Rib Corn Dogs: Yes, They Are a Thing Now!The dog is the latest cross-cultural franken-snack from Chef Anne Coll.
  45. Closings
    Woo Lae Oak and Gonpachi Retire on Restaurant RowInevitably, diners saved their money to eat in KTown and found much better Japanese options.
  46. The Other White Meat
    Have Pig Feet Ever Looked So Pretty?Pretty photos emerge from Koreatown’s porcine Jangchung-Dong Wong Jokbal.
  47. Openings
    First Look at Dong Chun Hong, Bringing Seoul-Based Korean-Chinese to K-TownRSVP for a chance to attend the grand opening party.
  48. Let’s Do Lunch
    A Look into Manna’s Banchan BuffetThe offerings, which might be better suited to vegetarians, earn a solid B from lunch authority Zach Brooks.
  49. Foodievents
    Debbie Lee Serving Gamjatang Hangover Stew on Black FridayIt beats scratching it out with soccer moms over the last Tickle Me Elmo.
  50. Booze News
    Eric Tecosky Introduces Kimchi-Infused Vodka to Erbe MatteAnd so far, it’s the best thing on the menu.
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