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  1. stadium concessions
    Yankees Unveil New Milkshakes That Are Pretty Obvious Black Tap KnockoffsYankee Stadium concessions enter the Instagram-dessert copycat game.
  2. lawsuits
    New York’s Best Slice Shop Is Suing Copycat PizzeriasIf you’re knocking off Joe’s, probably need a better name than “Joe’s Pizza of the Village.”
  3. lawsuits
    Court Says Canada’s ‘Pirate’ Trader Joe’s Might Violate U.S. LawsBad news for the perennial thorn in the U.S. grocer’s side.
  4. Scandals
    A Fake KFC in Iran Was Shut Down After One Day Because It Seemed Too RealReports called the opening of KFC Halal the “first sign of creeping US influence.”
  5. Knockoffs
    Someone Opened a ‘Mash Donald’s’ for Big Mac–Deprived“We are trying to get as close as we can get to the McDonald’s experience,” the owner says.
  6. Knockoffs
    Dunkin’ Donuts’ Korean ‘Cronut’ Finally Invades AmericaThe chain claims it had been working on this, you know, long before Dominique Ansel became a household name.
  7. Knockoffs
    Grimaldi’s Shanghai Imposter Looks Pretty HorribleThe impostors even have a bright blue sign that reads, “I’m gonna make you a pizza you can’t refuse.”
  8. Knockoffs
    Jack in the Box’s Cronut Knockoffs Get Improbably Good Reviews“Be skeptical, by all means. I sure was.”
  9. Knockoffs
    Café Behind Cronut Knockoff Was ‘Thrilled’ to Get Cease and Desist“To think that the original creator of the cronut that is so popular cares what I’m doing in Shreveport baffles me.”
  10. Lawsuits
    Halal Guys Sue Knockoff Gyro Cart Staffed With Imposter Halal GuysThe “spurious designation” causes confusion that puts their reputation “at stake.”
  11. Accept No Substitutions
    Jack in the Box Test-Markets Its Own Lousy Cronut Knockoff“Croissant Donuts” could be coming to the local drive-through.
  12. Knockoffs
    11 Customer Reactions to Williams-Sonoma’s New Cronut KnockoffThe copycat market for Dominique Ansel’s cronut expands to the high-end retailer.
  13. Knockoffs
    There’s a Ramen Burger Knockoff in the PhilippinesOnly one outlet is selling it with the tagline “disgusting and overhyped piece of shit.”
  14. Taste Test
    Taste-Testing Dunkin’ Donuts’ Korean Cronut KnockoffsBeloved in New York, Dominique Ansel’s Cronuts are now being mass-produced by Dunkin’ Donuts Korea. So how do they taste?
  15. Knockoffs
    Dunkin’ Donuts Figured Out How to Make CronutsDunkin’ Donuts Korea puts a cronut knockoff into production.
  16. Anthony Faux-dain
    How to Pretend You’re Anthony BourdainSix of Bourdain’s favorite things, for our consumption.
  17. For Sale
    How Profitable Is a Crown Fried Chicken?A glimpse at a KFC knockoff’s p&l.
  18. Trimmings
    Dunkin’ Donuts Soils Last Sacred ThingThey’ve got the street vendors now.
  19. User’s Guide
    A Brief History of Restaurant Rip-off LawsuitsMr. Chow isn’t the first to sue for identity theft. But could he be the first to win?
  20. Lawsuits
    Trader Joe’s to Trader John’s: Oh No You Didn’tIt turns out Gristedes is behind the mysterious Trader John’s. And the company is in trouble.