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Knitting Factory

  1. Openings
    Federal Bar Grand-Opens In Long BeachThe gastro-pub sits a beautiful 1924 building, with the feel of a sophisticated Scotch bar.
  2. Empire Building
    The Federal Bar Heading to Long BeachShad Davis will oversee the gastropub’s menus.
  3. Pop-ups
    Rogue Guacamole Man Comes to New York, Makes Slightly Less Rogue GuacamoleA man with a penchant for impromptu guacamole feasts is now roaming the streets of Brooklyn, and showing up at sanctioned events.
  4. Endangered
    Sunset Strip Venues Hit Hard Times, Key Club Denies It’s DoneA classic destination for live music is threatened.
  5. Openings
    Glimpse of Autumn: Breslin, Pulino’s, Abe & Arthur’s, theSome glimpses into the fall’s upcoming venues.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Knitting Factory BK Opens in September; Free Ribs in Midtown TomorrowPlus: where to find cheap wisdom from a California peach farmer, and Bia Garden ready to show off its Asian beer and street eats.
  7. Openings
    Luna Lounge Owner Opens Music-Minded Neighborhood Spot, Satellite LoungeIs a Luna Lounge revival in the future?
  8. Closings
    Performance AnxietyRehab closes; the Knitting Factory reopens (in Tribeca??).
  9. Openings
    Luna Lounge Owner Will Open New Bar in WilliamsburgRob Sacher is searching for another Luna Lounge location, too.
  10. Closings
    Out With the Old, In With the NewGoodbye Knitting Factory, hello City Winery.
  11. Reopenings
    Will the New Knitting Factory Be a Mere Knitting Facsimile?President Jared Hoffman is out and almost all of the 65 staffers will be laid off when the club moves to Brooklyn.
  12. Newsfeed
    Knit to Become Knightclub?The Knitting Factory is moving to Brooklyn, but residents may not get the Greenwich, Connecticut peace and quiet they’re hoping for.
  13. NewsFeed
    Knitting Factory Clinches Move to WilliamsburgAnd is leaving its mark in Spokane and Boise, too.
  14. Mediavore
    Stulman Out at Little Owl; a New Knitting Factory?Plus: A hot new dining scene in Harlem, bargain bottle service in midtown, and more — all in our morning digest of news and gossip.