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Kitchen Nightmares

  1. NewsFeed
    Gordon Ramsay to Inflict ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ on Black PearlGordon Ramsay, apparently in the belief that New York will never tire of his angry-man shtick, has chosen to subject the Black Pearl clam bar to the patented humiliation of his Kitchen Nightmares series. Though we’d heard that Black Pearl was a candidate for the Ramsey treatment, recent word said the restaurant’s improvement had commuted the sentence. Guess not! Now there are trailers along 26th Street and managers at Hill Country (across the street) are both feeding the crew and being interviewed for background on Black Pearl. We never thought Black Pearl was such a disaster, though it was in a bad location for a clam bar. But then we don’t go around absorbing other people’s suffering as a way to feed our Galactus-like appetite for fame. At least, most of the time we don’t. Related: Gordon Ramsay Even a Jerk on Other People’s TV Shows
  2. Mediavore
    Gordo Casting Restaurateurs; Thomas Keller Feels for Celebrity ChefsGordo’s back on Fox TV for another season of Kitchen Nightmares, and he’s looking for a floundering restaurateur to belittle on national TV. [Eater] It’s hard out there for a chef, according to Thomas Keller: “No longer are critically-acclaimed chefs allowed — as they might have been even ten years ago — to call it a day after opening a single successful restaurant. Instead, he said, food wizards like him are … expected to pen best-sellers, give lectures, judge reality TV shows and host benefits like the one he gave last night.” [NYO] The massive, multistory Pop Burger at 14 East 58th Street will start serving baby crab cakes and grilled filet mignon in addition to burger boxes by mid-November. [Strong Buzz] Related: Massive New Pop Burger Popping Up in Midtown
  3. Back of the House
    Dessert at Gordon Ramsay: A Seared TeabagWhat’s toughest about being Gordon Ramsay? We’d be hard-pressed to say, but somehow getting his balls roasted by an oven has to rate even higher than accusations of fraud, demotion from the top spot in London, and his ongoing problems here in New York. Scotch Highland Oysters were the special of the house recently, the result of a kitchen accident the profane chef boasted good-naturedly about to the Daily Mirror the other day. Of course, this was bound to happen. Since the chef famously eschews long-sleeved chef’s whites, it’s no surprise that he’s going commando in the kitchen. Ramsay’s Yells Kitchen [Daily Mirror]
  4. NewsFeed
    Gordon Ramsay Would Like the Honor of Humiliating YouGordon Ramsay has a problem or two of his own — neighbors outraged over his noise and stink, namely — but that’s not stopping him from lending a helping hand to restaurateurs in need. In the name of middling-to-bad television, that is. The producers of his new show in the U.S., Kitchen Nightmares (the series originated in England), have put out a call for hapless reality subjects seeking scorn and humiliation. Ramsay’s people even manage to produce an exceptionally obnoxious Craigslist ad: “LOOKING FOR RESTAURANTS THAT ARE HAVING problems & NEED GORDON RAMSAY to help turn their restaurants into an overnight success.” Can you speak up, Gordo? We can’t hear you above these exhaust fans. Fox TV-New Gordon Ramsay Show-Looking 4 Restaurants That Need Help! [Craigslist]