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King Cole Bar

  1. Chef Shuffle
    John DeLucie Is Indeed Involved With the King Cole Bar RevampExpect “a dynamic epicurean experience” from DeLucie and his team.
  2. Brunch Time
    Can We Stop Putting All This Extra Junk in Our Bloody Marys?That doesn’t look very good.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Bloomberg’s Tom Keene Eats Breakfast on Live Radio, Is Very Specific About“I had my basic drink, which is Beefeater Shaken Forever with Olives. I call that a BSFwO.”
  4. Interviews
    King Cole’s Longest-Tenured Bartender Talks Bloody Marys and SalvadorLouis Rodopoulos gives us the classic drink’s “original” recipe and tells us about Dalí’s ocelot.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Jessica Alba Drinks at Schiller’s; Bourdain Has Dessert at Michael’sPlus: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long hang out a lot.
  6. Mediavore
    JGV Takes Canada; NYC Cop Protects KFC ChickenA boozy tour of the city’s original cocktail dens and your own unfermented grape juice, in our daily news roundup.