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King’s County Distillery

  1. Summer Guide 2016
    8 Boozy, Icy Desserts to Cool You Off This SummerPound an 80-proof milkshake. Or a spiked snow cone. Or a frozen Red Bull-and-vodka.
  2. Summer Drinking Intel
    Gatehouses at Kings County Distillery OpeningIt’s part of the distillery’s new public space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s historic Gatehouses.
  3. News You Can Booze
    Kings County Distillery Is Winning Major AwardsThree in the past month.
  4. Openings
    Kings County Distillery’s New Whiskey GardenExpect drinks like barrel-aged Manhattans, mint juleps, and moonshine punch, all made from booze distilled on premises.
  5. Booze News
    From Bronx Moonshine to Greenpoint Gin, a Guide to Locally Distilled HoochSuddenly, New York is churning out more booze than Boardwalk Empire.
  6. Bookshelf
    Kings County Distillery Is Working on a DIY Moonshine BookWhiskey in America: the book.
  7. Children Of The Corn
    Kings County Distillery Lets the Selby Try the HoochThe fashion photographer hits Brooklyn’s “oldest” distillery.
  8. Leftovers
    Techie Creperie Opens in Midtown; Dollar Empanadas at Havana CentralPlus, unlimited caviar and Champagne at FireBird; new farmstand for Staten Island, and more of today’s leftovers.
  9. Booze News
    Kings County Distillery’s Navy Yard Digs Are Almost Ready for You to TourThe space opens to the public on Saturday.
  10. Booze News
    Kings County Distillery Planning Grain Garden Next to New Navy Yard DigsThe diminutive distillery has found a new, much larger a new home.
  11. Booze You Can Use
    ‘Urban Moonshine’ Is a Thing NowHome-distilled corn whiskey may not be legal, but at least it’s stronger than home-brewed beer.
  12. Booze News
    Kings County Distillery’s Cup Runneth OverThe Brooklyn bourbon producer needs to find a bigger location.
  13. Booze News
    Kings County Bourbon Hits Liquor Stores in Kings County and BeyondDad would probably enjoy a bottle.
  14. Booze News
    Here’s Your Chance to Get Some Brooklyn Bourbon for the DerbyTomorrow is your one pre–Kentucky Derby chance to stock up.
  15. Loca-boozing
    King’s County Distillery Adds Bourbon to Its Boozy OfferingsThis is great news for all the locavore lushes on your holiday shopping list!
  16. Neighborhood Watch
    Bon Chon Opens in Midtown Next Week; Lower East Side Gets Soba NoodlesPlus: an American-Italian wine dinner at Tammaso’s, and free whiskey tastings, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  17. Booze News
    Brace Yourself for Williamsburg MoonshineKings County Distillery will also produce bourbon and whiskey.