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Kimchi Chronicles

  1. Searches
    Marja Vongerichten Hopes You Can Help Find Her FatherThe ‘Kimchi Chronicles’ host and author is still looking for her biological father.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Marcel Vigneron Enters The Sherbourne; Dan Moody Pops Up at Scoops WestsideAlready, the television toque is arguing about an opening date with partner Darren Dzienciol.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Marja Vongerichten Snacks on String Cheese, Gives In to Her Soda Weakness“So I made dinner for the family and ate a little bit. Then I went to Mercer at 9 for a real dinner.”
  4. Celebrifoodies
    Hugh Jackman: ‘I’ve Always Been a Foodie’“It’s, like, people in Hollywood are finally eating! Who isn’t a foodie these days?”
  5. Openings
    Ever-Diplomatic, Jean-Georges Will Let the People Decide the Name of His New“We’re going to put it out there for Chicago to choose a new name. It’s going to be online soon — the contest.”
  6. TV Land
    Watch a Preview for Kimchi Chronicles, Starring a Bearded Hugh JackmanMarja Vongerichten’s new show debuts in New York this Sunday.