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  1. food politics
    Bourdain to Critics Who Tell Chefs to Stay Out of Politics: ‘F*ck That’“Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? … Who is picking the produce? Who is cutting the meat? Who is shipping the meat?”
  2. Leftovers
    Get PBR and a Twinkie at the Living Room Bar; Landhaus Opens in Park SlopePlus, dulce de leche French toast and some seriously discounted wine in today’s leftovers.
  3. Thought Pieces
    Okay, Here’s an Anti-Foodie Rant Actually Worth Reading“Is there any civilized value that foodies cannot turn on its head?”
  4. Mediavore
    Top Chef Runner Up Angelo’s Sandwich Shop Closes;
  5. Funnies
    How About Some Cannabis Jus With That Filet?A new S.F.-based catering concern will gladly feed your next party with loads of pot butter creations.
  6. Mediavore
    Pepsi Plays Friendly With Coke Again; Fresh Water Could Be A Culprit in OysterAn old soda ad comes back while The Gulf oil spill might not have been as devastating to Louisiana oysters as the solution.
  7. Bookshelf
    Kim Severson Stokes S.F. vs. NYC FireA food writer transplanted from NY to SF says that San Francisco needs to accept that we’re the “gorgeous younger sister” who everyone wants to be like.
  8. Foodievents
    Rachael Ray Fears Cake and LobsterShe also writes her recipes in longhand.
  9. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Will Not Abide Anyone’s Love for Iceberg LettuceIn answer to a friend’s admission of a love for the crunchy lettuce, Alice sent a care package of fifteen small heads of French lettuces to try.
  10. Beef
    Ruth Reichl, Gael Greene Respond to Critics of Alice WatersAre doubters of Waters’s mission ‘toxic misogynists’?
  11. Thanksgiving Excess
    That’s Way Too MuchKim Severson has launched her Thanksgiving live-blog.
  12. Back of the House
    ‘Times’ Asks If NYC Is Fat City No LongerThe Times article on portly foodists is out today, and we can’t help but wonder if this is some kind of seismic shift in the city’s gastronomic mood. After several years of what Alan Greenspan might have called “irrational exuberance” over the joys of pork belly, short ribs, bacon, and other such unwholesome treats, the city’s “fat pack,” as Kim Severson dubs them, seems to have put the brakes on the spree, opting instead to focus on their health.
  13. Back of the House
    New York ‘Times’ to Wonder How Bloggers Stay AliveWhen we received a voice mail last week from Kim Severson of the New York Times, saying that she wanted to interview us, our natural response was one of delight. Was the topic to be hamburgers or our upcoming book on same? Or perhaps the larger topic of meat? Or perhaps the ongoing efforts of Grub Street? It was with giddy fingers that we dialed Severson’s number only to find out that the lady was writing an article on how fat and unhealthy food bloggers are, and to ask us, in so many words, why we were still alive. Apparently, bloggers aren’t the trenchermen they once were: Off the Broiler’s Jason Perlow recently had some serious health problems, and even Steven “the Fat Guy” Shaw of eGullet has gotten on the austerity program. But, as we told Severson, the day we start eating salad she’s welcome to our place at the table. Grub Street may cost us the vitality of our once-springy carcass, but by God the work will go on!
  14. Back of the House
    Yau Already Replaced at Gramercy Park; Everybody’s BloggingIan Schrager has already found a star chef to replace Allen Yau at the Gramercy Park Hotel: The Japanese-born nouvelle-Chinese star Yuji Wakiya, who almost came here two years ago to do a restaurant at the Bryant Park Hotel. [NYP] Related: Restaurant Happenings: Sirio’s New Address? [NYM] Bruni won’t have to bear the Diner’s Journal load alone anymore; we can now also look forward to the musings of Julia Moskin, Kim Seversen, and other contemplative food writers. [NYT] Meanwhile, Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert and the Food & Wine staff have launched their own blogs. (The Ripper’s requires a subscription to The Wine Spectator.) [Snack]