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  1. hm
    Kraft Debuts New ‘Salad Frosting,’ Daring America’s Parents to Simply Give UpThis country had a good run, folks.
  2. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in New YorkFor picky palates and gourmets-in-training alike.
  3. good ideas
    An Upstate Restaurant Limits Parents to One Drink If They’re Driving“Everybody loves children and children don’t have a voice.”
  4. video feed
    Watch Meat-Loving Kids Get Tricked Into Eating Vegan Food“Oh my goodness, I’m never going to be one of those.”
  5. The Absolute Best Kids’ Museum in New YorkThe city is loaded with fabulous cultural institutions, but only a few can keep kids entertained and inspired.
  6. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Kids’ Play Space in New YorkFive places where kids can run wild and parents can enjoy the ride.
  7. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Kids’ Music Class in New YorkBecause your future Beyoncé needs to start somewhere.
  8. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Birthday Party for Hyperactive Kids in New YorkNine great places to bring the kids for a sporty good time.
  9. Video Feed
    Kid Refuses to Eat Meal Thats ‘Just Too Cute’He’s on a very strict diet.
  10. Bans
    Italian Restaurant Draws Predictable Ire After Banning Kids Under 5The owner is particularly peeved that they “hate fish.”
  11. Cold-Pressed Juice Boxes
    Just Peachy: City Kids Now Hooked on Juice CleansesThe rugrats are quoting Dr. Oz.
  12. Oy
    Couple Brings Crib to Brunch in WilliamsburgThis is brunch at its worst.
  13. Video Feed
    Watch Cute Kids Try Vegemite, Olives, and Anchovies for the First TimeSet to a dramatic, slow-motion video.
  14. Receipt Rant
    Restaurant Gives $4 Discount for ‘Well-Behaved Kids’When did receipts turn into soapboxes?
  15. Dangerous
    YouTube Food Challenges Causing Actual Harm to KidsFifteen minutes of Internet fame: not worth a trip to the E.R.
  16. Video Feed
    Aww-some: See Kids Eat Ice Cream for the First TimeThey smile, they laugh, they get it all over their faces.
  17. Short Report
    Kiddos Hitting the Diet SodaIt’s great that they’re laying off sugar, but is no one concerned some tot will grow a third arm?
  18. You’ve Got to Be Kid-ding Me
    These Kiddie Chefs Are Making the Rest of Us Look BadCan’t they go climb trees or something?
  19. Foodievents
    Patricia Yeo Caters to the Younger SetYou’re never too young to cook with style.
  20. Openings
    Books and Cookies Cracks Its Spine on May 16thThe Main Street Santa Monica spot is a collaboration between a children’s book author and a New York caterer.
  21. User’s Guide
    Chef-Parents’ Tips for Dining With KidsBring them to dinner when they’re hungry, but not starving.
  22. Foodievents
    Evan Kleiman Caters to Pint-Sized Foodies This WeekendThe host of Good Food turns your kids into the next food critics.
  23. Complaints
    Provini Is Infiltrated by ‘Needy, Greedy Narcissists’ With KidsThe children of Park Slope are once again rankling grown-up diners.
  24. Mazel Mazel
    It’s an Oliver!Petal Blossom Rainbow is the chef’s third child.
  25. Trends
    Schrambling: Stop Kidding Around in the KitchenIn a Slate article, foodie grumpus Regina Schrambling puts her finger on exactly why the kiddie foodie trend is so annoying.
  26. Lists
    Can’t Stand Kids? Don’t Eat Here!A dozen places to avoid if you don’t want screeching toddlers to make your hangover worse.