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  1. kids these days
    America’s Hottest Dorm-Room ‘Restaurant’ Specializes in Omakase SushiTwo Boston University roommates have created a full-blown ten-piece nigiri tasting menu.
  2. Kids These Days
    A New Dining Club Connects Toddlers and Parents to Michelin-Caliber CuisineNibble + Squeak hosts kid-friendly feasts at some of New York City’s most prestigious restaurants.
  3. Splat
    School Food Fight Ends With Police Spraying MaceFour people went to the hospital.
  4. Kids These Days
    High-School Students Arrested for Starting Food Fight“Food fiiiiiiight!”
  5. Kids These Days
    A Brief History of Milkshake-Related MayhemOr, “The Chocolate Shake That Almost Killed Castro.”
  6. The Chain Gang
    Fry Guys: Japanese Teens Holding McDonald’s Potato PartiesFrench fry parties!
  7. Other Magazines
    Kid Foodies Get Kid Food Mag’ChopChop’ aims to make “nutritionally literate” readers.