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Kids Menus

  1. Bans
    Applebee’s and IHOP Will Eliminate Soda From Their Kids’ MenusThey’re the first casual-dining restaurant chains to get on the anti-soda bandwagon.
  2. Sad Meals
    Quinn Attacks Happy Meals, Applebee’s Grilled CheeseIf elected, she won’t ban unhealthy kid’s meals, but nonetheless wants the grilled cheese reined in.
  3. No Fair
    Baby Gourmands Eat Better Than You DoNobu, Pastis, Fred’s at Barney’s, Peter Luger …
  4. Eatiquette
    More Boo-Hooing About Kids in RestaurantsSome parents take their kids to haute cuisine spots while others ask pizza parlors to dumb it down.
  5. Kids’ Menu
    Future Food TV StarsA vegetarian kid foodie creates her own cooking show
  6. Kids’ Menu
    Kid Critic Reviews Reading Terminal Market and Manages Not to Offend UsA 16-year-old critic debuts in the Daily News
  7. Menus
    Bring the Kids to Ben PaoBen Pao has a new children’s menu.
  8. Kids’ Menu
    Is Dustin Hoffman Taking Tips From the 12-Year-Old Critic?The actor was spotted in one of David Fishman’s favorite spots.
  9. Kids’ Menu
    Twelve-Year-Old Critic Unleashed at Le Bernardin’GQ’ reviewer Alan Richman takes him to the John Dory, too.