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  1. pantry developments
    A Chinese-Food Authority Is Bringing Her Chengdu-Made Chili Sauce to AmericaIt’s available for preorder, via a Kickstarter campaign, today — and the first of several products its maker plans to bring over.
  2. cookbooks
    How This Cookbook of Refugee Recipes, a Hit on Kickstarter, Came Together“Part of our mission has been to change the narrative around refugees. What better way to change the narrative than to write a new one?”
  3. start-ups
    The ‘CHiP’ Promises to Be the Keurig of CookiesIt offers 27 types of ten-minute pod cookies.
  4. Buttered Up
    Genius Invents Device That Just Straight-Up Sprays Butter Anywhere You WantCan’t believe it’s not been invented before now.
  5. Reunions
    How a Pancake Robot Reunited Two Long-Lost SiblingsA story of international missed connections and custom-printed flapjacks.
  6. Crowd-Funding
    This Start-up Wants to Be the Uber of Grilled Cheese“We’re thinking drones.”
  7. Foodievents
    The Queens Night Market Makes Its Grand Debut This SaturdayIt’ll offer takoyaki , Ecuadorian juices, and other ethnic foods.
  8. Grub Guides
    9 Food-Related Crowd-Funding Projects That Deserve Your MoneyProbiotic coffee, an apartment gardening system, and portable beer kegs.
  9. Drama
    A Scandalous Documentary Will Examine Whether Yelp Exploits Small-BusinessThe producers are crowd-funding on Kickstarter now.
  10. Playing With Your Food
    World’s Best Robot Makes Pancakes in Literally Any Shape You WantThe PancakeBot should start shipping in July.
  11. Cat Cafes
    America’s Latest Cat Café Nailed Its Kickstarter Goal in Just One DayCrumbs & Whiskers is coming to Washington, D.C.
  12. Cooking
    Joan Didion’s Crème Caramel Recipe Is As Charming As She IsShe also likes borscht, deviled crab, and artichokes au gratin.
  13. Pop-Ups
    Mark Ladner’s Gluten-Free Pasta Project Returns to New York This MonthWhite and black truffles are involved.
  14. This Thanksgiving Kickstarter for a Bacon-Wrapped Gator Stuffed With a Turducken$5,000 in six hours, to be precise.
  15. Peaty Keen
    Here’s a Start-up That Promises to ‘Age’ Whiskey InstantlyWhy put the whiskey into the barrel when you can put the barrel into the whiskey?
  16. Butter
    Is This ‘Stupendous’ Butter Knife a Work of Genius or Just PlainRegardless, it’s raised five times its funding goal.
  17. Bad Yolks
    Some Guy’s Kickstarter Will Teach the City’s Delis the“I’ve created a few simple rules that I will deliver.”
  18. Complex Carbohydrates
    Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy’s Odyssey Will Continue With aHe’s going to “spread humor and joy around the world.”
  19. Complex Carbohydrates
    The Potato Salad Kickstarter Lost $30,000But the dude still has $40,000 for a side dish.
  20. Complex Carbohydrates
    Guy With Potato Salad Kickstarter Will Owe at Least $21,000 in TaxesDude better hold the mayo.
  21. Complex Carbohydrates
    That Potato-Salad Kickstarter Has Now Hit $40,000And he still hasn’t decided what kind yet.
  22. Complex Carbohydrates
    This Potato Salad Has Raised $9,600 and Counting on Kickstarter“Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”
  23. Rotelle Keep Turning
    Mark Ladner’s Ambitious Pasta Flyer Project Needs Just a Few More RaviolisDavid Chang is a fan.
  24. Interviews
    Au Revoir: Meet the La Grenouille Regular Who Wants to Crowd-Fund Philippe“I’m just trying to be on the side of the angels on this one,” says the campaign’s mastermind.
  25. Life Gives You More Lemons
    Help Bring Another Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck to New YorkDel’s NYC looks to Kickstarter for a second truck.
  26. Coming Soon
    Mexican-Taiwanese Restaurant Lucky Luna Opening Soon in GreenpointStreet-food traditions of China and Mexico have more in common than you may think, they say.
  27. News You Can Booze
    Donate to Butter & Scotch’s Kickstarter, Receive Temporary TattoosThe bakers are working to open a dessert-and-cocktail bar in Crown Heights.
  28. Foodienomics
    Downtown’s Peking Tavern Turns To Kickstarter To Complete Its BarCo-owner Andrew Chiu explains that he and partner Andrew Wong have put two years and a lot of dough into the Chinese gastropub project.
  29. Video Feed
    It’s Time for Corey Cova to Make the Doughnuts, and He Would Like YourYou owe it to yourself to make this miso-maple doughnut happen.
  30. Coming Soon
    Fat Beagle Opening Brick-and-Mortar in Ditmas ParkLet’s make these chicken and dumplings a regular thing.
  31. Coming Soon
    Five Years On, Grindhaus Targets a Summer Opening in Red HookLet’s get this sausage party started!
  32. Growing Food
    Want To Do Something Tangible About Food Deserts? Support This Hoophouse.Support an organization fighting food deserts with organic gardens.
  33. Video Feed
    Help the Pizza Moto Team Restore an Ancient Oven in Red HookPizza under the BQE, from a 120-year-old oven.
  34. Coming Soon
    The Avenue Delicatessen Coming Soon to LansdowneThe new operation will perfectly marry Italian and Jewish deli traditions.
  35. Video Feed
    The Mamu Thai Noodle Truck Is Looking for Your Help on KickstarterKhao soi, boat noodles, pad thai, and more.
  36. Books
    Homaro Cantu’s Saving the World, Starting With Good Morning America andHomaro Cantu is pushing miracle berries.
  37. Quote of the Day
    Farid Zadi Planning Big ThingsThe chef is scheming to break a Guinness World Record.
  38. Kickstarter
    Can You Launch a Restaurant On Kickstarter? Dyne Hopes SoSous Rising chefs launches Kickstarter campaign.
  39. Cool Stuff
    The Aviary’s Porthole Kicks Kickstarter Butt With Over $700,000 In SalesAviary’s Porthole a Kickstarter smash.
  40. Video Feed
    Get Your Very Own Aviary Porthole… On KickstarterGet your own Aviary-style cocktail vessel, via Kickstarter.
  41. Openings
    Help Start a Local-Focused Grocery in Ukrainian Village Through KickstarterHelp launch a local/organic grocer in Ukrainian Village.
  42. Video Feed
    Little Baby’s Ice Cream Makes the Trippiest Kickstarter Video EverWow, words fail to describe this video.
  43. Neighborhood Watch
    Dine Out Irene Raises Nearly $50,000 for Local Farmers; Perla Opens in NohoPlus: Grotto will give you free meals if you donate to its cause, Antibes Bistro launches a cocktail menu, and more, in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  44. Openings
    Jersey City’s Thirty Acres in the Home Stretch, Turns to KickstarterThirty Acres should be open sometime next month.
  45. Mediavore
    California State Senators End Free Meals; Landry’s Buys McCormick & Schmick’sThe seafood giant swallows a slightly smaller fish.