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  1. end times
    KFC Gives America Just Four Days to Prepare for the EndThe chain announces it will unleash its doughnut-and-chicken sandwich nationwide on February 24.
  2. come on
    America Continues Free Fall With KFC’s Doughnut Chicken SandwichesEh.
  3. shortages
    Now KFC Is Running Out of GravyThe “operational issues” continue.
  4. the chain gang
    KFC Apologized for Its Chicken Shortage With a Seriously Great AdJust a cheeky little chicken ad from the U.K.
  5. the chain gang
    KFCs Ran Out of Chicken in the U.K. — and the Internet Just Cannot Handle ItA delivery-service change somehow forced almost 700 locations to close.
  6. the chain gang
    Internet Cheers After KFC Names Reba McEntire the New Colonel“Reba as Colonel Sanders is the FEMINISM I NEED.”
  7. the chain gang
    KFC Has Engineered ‘Low Smell’ Chicken in JapanIts ostensible purpose is not annoying fellow commuters on the train ride home.
  8. the chain gang
    KFC’s New Beauty Product Is a Bath Bomb That Smells Like Fried ChickenYour whole palm or arm will be lickable after this relaxing bath.
  9. the chain gang
    KFC Has Made the World’s First Store Where You Pay by FaceJust stand really still in front of a facial-recognition device.
  10. pretty crappy
    There Could Be Poop Bacteria in Your Fast-food DrinkA BBC study found fecal coliforms in ice at U.K. locations of McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King.
  11. the chain gang
    KFC Is Sending a Chicken Sandwich Into SpaceIt will be up there for “at least four days.”
  12. KFC Will Keep Human Antibiotics in Its Chicken for Another YearIt’s finally pledged to quit sourcing poultry raised with human drugs.
  13. Here’s Where to Get Free Valentine’s Day Food, If You’re That DesperateHooter’s will give you a coupon if you shred a photo of your ex.
  14. lawsuits
    Woman Sues KFC for Underfilling Its BucketsShe’s demanding $20 million to make sure “they feel the hurt.”
  15. the chain gang
    Someone Probably Just Revealed Colonel Sanders’s Top-Secret KFC RecipeThe colonel’s nephew showed a reporter a scrapbook that had a list of “11 spices.”
  16. the chain gang
    Instant Success of KFC’s Chicken Sunscreen Is Another Step Back for AmericaIt sold out in two hours.
  17. flying the coop
    Semitruck Spills Hundreds of Live Chickens on Doorstep of KFCThe whole mishap was captured by a vegan passing by.
  18. the chain gang
    Presidential Candidate Doesn’t Even Eat Chicken CorrectlyWhy are you using a knife and fork?!
  19. The Chain Gang
    KFC Apologizes for Serving Woman a Fried KidneyShould’ve gone to Popeye’s.
  20. The Chain Gang
    KFC’s Latest Marketing Gimmick: Making Its Food Taste GoodIt’s spent 100,000 hours teaching cooks to make chicken “the way the Colonel intended.”
  21. The Chain Gang
    This Fried-Chicken Okonomiyaki Is the Kind of Fast Food America NeedsToo bad the bonito-topped drumsticks are only available in Hong Kong.
  22. The Chain Gang
    David Alan Grier Jokes That He’s the First Black Colonel SandersKFC should make this happen.
  23. Bad Santas
    Worst Santa Ever Robs KFC at KnifepointCrawling into the drive-through window, St. Nicholas came with a bound. And then he took all the cash.
  24. The Chain Gang
    KFC Finally Debuts Home DeliveryDouble Downs, on demand.
  25. Scandals
    A Fake KFC in Iran Was Shut Down After One Day Because It Seemed Too RealReports called the opening of KFC Halal the “first sign of creeping US influence.”
  26. Tha Chain Gang
    KFC Actually Apologized to a Customer for Its Horrible-Looking FoodThe chicken “Ricebox” was pretty heinous.
  27. The Chain Gang
    People Say They Lost Fingers and Legs While Working for a KFC Chicken SupplierCase Farms now faces more than $1.4 million in fines.
  28. Frankenfoods
    Now KFC Is Using Fried Chicken As a Pizza CrustThe evolution of the Double Down, it seems.
  29. Outrageous Claims
    KFC Needed a DNA Test to Prove Its Chicken Wasn’t Rat MeatA photo of the dubious protein just wasn’t proof enough.
  30. The Chain Gang
    Some Guy Says This Is the Deep-fried Rat He Got From KFCIt might be just a piece of chicken, though.
  31. Rumor Mongering
    KFC Is Super Sensitive About Those Mutant Chicken RumorsIt has filed a lawsuit against three companies in China.
  32. The Chain Gang
    KFC’s Disposable Keyboard Trays Are Its Weirdest Gimmick YetThey enable mess-free eating and texting.
  33. The Chain Gang
    KFC Cast Darrell Hammond As the ColonelA smart way to reinvent a mascot.
  34. The Chain Gang
    Man Who Brought KFC to England Admits the Food Is Now ‘Dreadful’“The company has ruined the product.”
  35. The Chain Gang
    KFC’s Latest Novelty Food Is Edible Coffee Cups Made of CookiesThey’re even artificially scented to smell like fresh-cut grass or wildflowers.
  36. The Chain Gang
    Korea’s New KFC Double Down Is Even More Horrifying Than the OriginalThere’s a burger patty in there!
  37. The Chain Gang
    Fatburger Made Its Own Double Down With Beef PattiesAdd bacon, egg, chili, or guac for a real protein bomb.
  38. The Chain Gang
    China’s Expired-Meat Scandal Now Includes Burger King and StarbucksThe country is already wary about food safety in the wake of tainted meat and melamine scandals.
  39. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut Served Meat in China That Expired a YearIt’s not either company’s first food scare in China recently.
  40. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A Has Overtaken KFC to Become America’s Largest Chicken ChainIt accounts for one in every four fast-food chicken spots in the country.
  41. The Chain Gang
    Family of 3-Year-Old Girl at Center of KFC Controversy Refuses Chain’sTheir lawyer says they have “unequivocally rejected” the offer.
  42. The Chain Gang
    KFC Concludes Injured Girl Wasn’t Kicked Out of Restaurant, Donates $30K“We hope everyone keeps Victoria in their thoughts and prayers. She will certainly be in ours.”
  43. The Chain Gang
    Report Suggests Grandmother Fabricated Claim That KFC Kicked Out 3-Year-Old GirlA company source says Victoria Wilcher isn’t on any of the surveillance footage.
  44. Good Deeds
    KFC Donates $30,000 to Family of 3-Year-Old Kid Booted From RestaurantThe family says they were told the girl’s scars were “disrupting” business.
  45. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Parent Company Testing Bánh Mì Restaurant ConceptDallas gets the company’s first foray into more exotic fare.
  46. The Chain Gang
    Some Idiot Actually Got a KFC Double Down Tattoo“There’s a lot of browns and yellows in it.”
  47. Everyone Wins
    The Grand Prize in KFC’s Double Down Contest Is Only $500Also, “extreme bragging rights” and a party at the local KFC.
  48. The Chain Gang
    No Más: What It’s (Probably) Like Inside Taco Bell HQ Right NowAll is not well within the Taco Bell test kitchens.
  49. Eternal Returns
    KFC’s Double Down Returns April 21The fast-food world has changed a lot since 2010, however.
  50. The Chain Gang
    KFC Company Launches Super Chix, a Chick-fil-A Rip-off“Hand-breaded” chicken sandwiches and “hand-cut” fries.
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