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Key Ingredient

  1. Events
    Reader Plans Epic Key Ingredient Cook Off May 326 Chefs, 5 key (or gross) ingredients.
  2. Chefs
    It’s Fat Rice Day! In Print and VideoFat Rice gets the publicity it didn’t seek.
  3. Video Feed
    Key Ingredient: The Next GenerationFirst graduate of the much-admired Key Ingredient Chef Training Program.
  4. Chefs
    The Reader on The Year in Weird IngredientsLooking back at cooking with whale vomit and corn fungus.
  5. Video Feed
    A Little Hint of Upcoming Next Menus in Dave Beran Key Ingredient VideoGet a glimpse of next year’s Next.
  6. Video Feed
    End Your Week With the Grossest Key Ingredient EverEver eaten sea cucumber?
  7. Video Feed
    Video Feed: You’ll Never Guess What The First Food Cooked at La SirenaJohn Manion cooks for the Reader’s Key Ingredient.
  8. Video Feed
    This May Be The Most Time You Ever Spend in Achatz’s OfficeSpend five minutes in The Office.
  9. Chefs
    Reader’s Thiel Looks Back on Key Ingredient’s 50thReader’s award-winning chef challenge hits its 50th milestone.
  10. Top Chef
    Key Ingredient Previews Top Chef Texas Contestant Beverly KimTop Chef contestant Beverly Kim in the kitchen.
  11. Awards
    Congrats to the Key IngredientThe Reader picked up another James Beard Award.
  12. Food Writing
    Guaje Seeds, Congee, and Racoon: The Week in Food WritingPlus: How to find cheaper alternatives to some of the city’s most expensive restaurants.
  13. Video Feed
    Phillip Foss Gets Kinky with Freeze-Dried SaffronWatch what Phillip Foss does with freeze dried saffron.
  14. Video Feed
    Duffy Battles Chinese Black BeansCurtis Duffy makes a dessert with Chinese black beans.