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  1. Off the Market
    Windsor Terrace Is Officially Supermarket-LessUgh, Walgreens.
  2. Upgrade
    Key Food Wants a Piece of the Whole Foods PieNebbish no more.
  3. Mediavore
    State Audits Restaurants; Bill Cosby Jell-O Spokesman AgainPlus: a $160 cocktail, and the fall of Arby’s, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. Mediavore
    City Considering Grading Restaurants; Beatrice Inn Scouting New LocationsPlus: The Russian Tea Room’s chef gets slapped with a sexual-harassment lawsuit, and Arizona kids go to Hooters on a field trip, all in our morning news roundup.
  5. Green Grocer
    Do You Shop at the Windsor Terrace Key Food?A shopper turns to the blogs with her complaints.
  6. NewsFeed
    Brooklyn Needs Its Supermarkets, and BadlySure, that Key Food in your neighborhood is a joke — until it closes down and you have nowhere else to go.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Chumley’s Will Be Back to Its Old Tricks in the West VillageCobble Hill: Employees at the Key Foods deli counter apparently don’t give a damn if you want your Sausalito turkey sliced thin, or they don’t know how to recalibrate the machine. [Clean Plate Club via Brooklyn Record] East Village: Sex in the bathroom of Angels & Kings predicted to be less “grotty” than it was at CBGB’s, further lessening the spot’s rocker cred. [Gawker] Midtown West: The Japanese chain Go-Go Curry, which translates 5-5 Curry, will open at 273 West 38th Street on May 5, unless straining to create quirks that involve the number five delay opening. [NYS] Soho: Wash your hands and more next to your date in the FR.OG restrooms. [Restaurant Girl] Tribeca: A divorce is behind the name change of Sosa Borella to Estancia 460. [NYT] West Village: A former Bungalow 8 bouncer will open a Cuban social club in the former Salon space (with help from Giuseppe Cipriani) that’s supposed have a neighborhood feel. [Eater] Chumley’s plans to reopen June 1, after a partial wall collapse threatened to shutter the historical watering hole permanently. [NYT] Williamsburg: Bling Kong bandmates Liz “Shredder” Schroeter and Scott “Steakbomb” Gold will demonstrate their recipes featured in the rock-star cookbook at the Brooklyn Kitchen tonight. [Brooklyn Record]