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Kevin Bacon

  1. Video Feed
    Kevin Bacon Finally Made an Ad for Eggs“Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”
  2. Missed Opportunities
    Jon Hamm and Kevin Bacon Have Disappointingly Veg-Centric DietsThey’re not into ham and bacon, despite the obvious reasons why they should be.
  3. Tired Trends
    Kevin Bacon, Made Out of BaconWhat’s next, John Hamm made out of ham?
  4. TV Land
    Bored to Death Shoots In (and Shoots Up) RelishThe Williamsburg diner’s latest posthumous appearance.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Two Servings of Bacon at ParadisoThe actor and his brother held a press conference at the South Philly restaurant
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Vegan Ice Cream Shop Has Two Degrees of Separation From Kevin BaconWhy were Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick getting ice cream on a 20-degree day?
  7. NewsFeed
    ‘New Yorker’ Food Issue: Plenty to DigestThis week’s special food issue of The New Yorker would be worth reading without any specifically New York–oriented content. But fans of the locavore movement will probably want to flock to Adam Gopnik’s long piece on eating the fruits of the five boroughs (if you consider live poultry from the Bronx fruit, that is). Friend of Grub Street Gary Shteyngart has a moving little memoir about his boyhood love of McDonald’s that got us right in the kishkas. (Similar essays are by Anthony Lane, David Sedaris, and Nell Freudenberger.) But most enjoyable of all was Calvin Trillin’s essay about Singapore street food.