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Kermit Lynch

  1. Anniversaries
    Renowned Berkeley Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Celebrates 40 Years in BusinessHis store was born in 1972, a year after Chez Panisse.
  2. Previews
    Café Fanny Morphs Into Coffee and Wine Bar Called BartavelleIt’s from Berkeley chef Suzanne Drexhage.
  3. Storytime
    Michael Pollan, Kermit Lynch, Several Chefs Enjoy a 36-Hour Dinner PartyOne community oven, four chefs, a baker, a writer, and a lot of wine.
  4. Oenofile
    Kermit Lynch Drinks New York DryWine importer shares his eating and drinking habits while visiting New York.
  5. The New York Diet
    Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Sometimes Tastes a Bottle, Sometimes Drains It“I can’t have a white without a red to follow. Just like I can’t drink a red unless I’ve already had some white!”
  6. Foodievents
    Kermit Lynch Party Promises Another Side of Alice WatersWine importer’s record debut to be catered by Alice Waters.
  7. Oenofile
    Kermit Lynch’s Second (!) Album Drops SeptemberBerkeley wine importer wound up in the right profession.