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  1. Movin’ on Up?
    Gold Dust Lounge to Close Wednesday Relocate to Fisherman’s WharfThe exact location will be announced shortly.
  2. Go Ask Alice
    Is Alice Waters the Milli Vanilli of Chefs?Our rock-star comparisons prompted at least one reader to ask the old question, ‘Was Waters ever really a chef?’ And who should chime in but Jeremiah Tower.
  3. Kerfuffles
    Occupy the Farm Forcibly Unoccupied Once Again
  4. Booze You Can Use
    Local Mission Market Fights to Be Able to Sell WineOwner Yaron Milgrom is in the news again.
  5. Kerfuffles
    Mill Valley Really, Really Hates SubwayThe town council rejected the franchisee’s permit, again.
  6. Let Them Eat Foie
    Restaurateur Says Puck Still Served Foie Gras in February, Condemns Senator’sBurton’s words, Pastore argues, could incite more violent action from extremists.
  7. Kerfuffles
    Oakland Occupy Protests Target Small, Local BusinessesThe Occupiers don’t want Oakland’s Uptown to be too nice, it seems.
  8. Let Them Eat Foie
    Is Wolfgang Puck a Foie Hypocrite? Or Just a Bad Gambler?He says he supports the ban, and that foie gras is cruel … but he’s still serving it in Singapore!
  9. Brunch
    There’s a War on Brunch in BrooklynAn obscure law is being used to keep brunch off of sidewalks before noon on Sundays.
  10. Kerfuffles
    Occupy the Farm Protest in East Bay Isn’t Going AnywhereThe protesters descended on an unused piece of university-owned land in Albany on Sunday.
  11. Empire Building
    La Boulange Triumphs, Arizmendi Loses, in Sunset SquabbleThe bakery chain got approval to move into the Sunset from Planning yesterday.
  12. Kerfuffles
    Kinky S.F. Porn Studio Tour Prompts Call for Groupon BoycottSome anti-porn crusaders are taking on the coupon giant over a discounted Kink.com tour.
  13. Kerfuffles
    Mill Valley Residents Balk at a Subway in Their MidstSubway wanted to move into a former Baskin-Robbins; the city said, ‘Absolutely not.’
  14. Crime Scenes
    Louboutin Attacker May Claim Self-Defense In Marina Shoe AssaultThe news has officially gone international.
  15. Crime Scenes
    Police Pursuing Marina Stiletto Attacker [Updated]We have the woman’s name, but aren’t yet at liberty to share.
  16. Kerfuffles
    Drunk Marina Lady Attacks Local Restaurant Guy With Stiletto [Updated]He’s seeking her full name, and that of her ‘goon.’
  17. Food Politics
    Lots of Berkeley Ex-Vegeterians Eat Sustainable, Grass-Fed Meat NowThe ‘East Bay Express’ claims so, anyway.
  18. Endangered
    Gold Dust Lounge Update: Board of Supervisors Steps InChristine Olague proposes a district-wide moratorium on conversions in Union Square.
  19. Let Them Eat Foie
    Under Pressure From Protesters, S.F.’s Campton Place Nixes Foie GrasAlso, Bay Wolf canceled the second of two foie gras dinners after a protest turned especially ugly last week.
  20. Mediavore
    Bauer Still Supports the Eating of Foie Gras; A New, Ridiculous Idea for ChickenAlso, locavores are big job creators!
  21. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Does Not Quite Get Reprieve from Preservationists, But theNow Willie Brown’s come out with some fightin’ words for the landlords!
  22. Nightlife
    Illegal After-Hours Club, Upstairs From Monroe, Busted In North BeachSomeone’s been naughty!
  23. Community Bored
    It Took Two Years to Open The Ice Cream BarTens of thousands of dollars later, the City finally relented and let the poor owner sell some damn ice cream.
  24. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Supporters to Landlord: ‘This Is Going to Get Ugly’Also, the bar owners still seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves.
  25. Booze You Can Use
    Walnut Creek Has a Drunken Brawl Problem, May Crack Down on Liquor LicensesAnother night of post-bar-hopping violence in the otherwise quiet East Bay town has the city council alarmed.
  26. Hours of Operation
    Drunk-Friendly Jack in the Box Wins Back Its Late-Night PermitThey can remain open 24 hours. Huzzah.
  27. Kerfuffles
    Williams-Sonoma May Not Be Welcome Back in SonomaThis would make Chuck Williams, 97, very sad.
  28. Lawsuits
    Café Gratitude Settles Out of Court With Former Employees, Won’tOwners Terces and Matthew Engelhart are still crying poverty, but looking to open new locations in SoCal.
  29. Community Bored
    Richmond Residents Protest 24-Hour Jack in the Box Solely Because Drunk PeopleThere was a recent hit-and-run accident nearby which residents say is a byproduct of the drunk gathering spot.
  30. Covert Vegans
    Vegan Doctors’ Org Dings Jamie Oliver, Cook’s Illustrated forThe Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine strikes again with their annual publicity blitz.
  31. Profiles in Foraging
    Iso Rabins and ForageSF Still Getting Flack From Health DepartmentLike the Underground Market, Rabins’s Wild Kitchen dinners didn’t have a proper permit, and the city called him on it.
  32. Truckin’
    Jonathan Kauffman Ponders the Future of Food Trucks in S.F., After a Showdown atKasa’s Kati Roller truck is the subject of nine separate appeals, all upheld, by downtown businesses.
  33. Community Bored
    A Berkeley Neighborhood Doesn’t Look Kindly on a Market Trying to Make aMonterey Market has been carrying stuff like booze and cheese in order to compete with Whole Foods, but a coalition of local merchants and neighbors says they’re being unfairly competitive with other small businesses.
  34. Community Bored
    Occupy Protest in Mission Clashes With Restaurateur Jack Knowles, Wrongly BlamesTacolicious, not the landlord, got the brunt of the blame from protesters.
  35. Kerfuffles
    Elizabeth Falkner and Anne Burrell Are in a Twitter FightBurrell accused Falkner of bad-mouthing her competitors after Burrell was eliminated from ‘Next Iron Chef.’
  36. Kerfuffles
    In Ongoing PR War, Café Gratitude Devotees Encouraged to Flood Local MediaWe’re trying really hard not to be cynical.
  37. Coffee Talk
    Battle Afoot in Castro as Starbucks Looks to Add Another Store, Just a Few DoorsA third Starbucks in the Castro? Say it isn’t so.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    Martha Stewart Goes Cycling in the Mission, Commits Cycling Faux PasShe unknowingly thought a bike lane doubled as bike parking. Oh, dear.
  39. Kerfuffles
    Occupy Protest Descends on French Laundry, SWAT Team Is SummonedThe protest lasted about an hour, and was prompted by a rumor that JPMorgan Chase was in the house.
  40. Community Bored
    Dolores Park NIMBYs Block a Sausage VendorThe Sausage Slinger will NOT be coming near the park.
  41. Kerfuffles
    Chaac Mool Caves to Activist Pressure, Moves Out of Dolores Park ProperThe hipster-NIMBYs have won.
  42. Truckin’
    Marin Schools Bribing Kids With Cookies to Stop Buying Lunch From Off-CampusJunk food trucks keep pulling up a block away from the school, and hundreds of kids get their lunch there.
  43. Kerfuffles
    Are S.F. Waitstaff Demanding a 25 Percent Tip Standard? Hardly.This “report” from the Contra Costa ‘Times’ is totally made up, if you ask us.
  44. Lawsuits
    McDonald’s Sues Another Mac-and-Cheese RestaurantApparently no one is allowed to abbreviate macaroni anymore, says McDonald’s.
  45. Health Concerns
    Restaurants Adding Health-Care Surcharges to Checks Aren’t Using Funds forRestaurants like One Market say it’s up to employees to fill out the paperwork and apply for the funds, but they aren’t doing it; consequently restaurants keep the cash.
  46. Funnies
    Conservative Moms Want to Kick Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy BallsHumorless much?
  47. Food Politics
    Harvard Kids Throw Down With USDA Over That MyPlate ShizThe Harvard School of Public Health has posed an outright challenge to the USDA’s MyPlate, and made up their own.
  48. National Interest
    Animal Rights Group Pushes for Warning Labels on Foie Gras?They say ‘foie gras is derived from diseased birds,’ but is that really true?
  49. The Great Outdoors
    Medjool Rooftop Bar Finally Made LegalThe rooftop bar has been operating illegally since 2005.
  50. Kerfuffles
    Kitchen Staff Staged Walk-Out at Castagnola’s on the WharfThe 95-year-old restaurant has replaced its entire kitchen staff as a result of a Labor Day walkout.
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