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  1. Funnies
    Bacon Bacon Kerfuffle Lands on SNLThe S.F. restaurant’s ouster by neighbors is ripe for comedy.
  2. Stunt Eats
    Lion Meat Comes to the Bay AreaBurlingame’s Mokutanya took a cue from that taqueria in Tampa.
  3. FYI
    S.F. Butcher Who Invented Bacon Hot Dogs Not Offended by Oscar Mayer Rip-off“I guess I’m flattered,” he says.
  4. Kerfuffles
    Allegro Romano Owner Allegedly Slaps City Inspector Over CitationIt’s a story to warm the heart of any restaurateur frustrated with city bureaucracy.
  5. Lawsuits
    Angry Man Sues Virgin America After Refusing to Order Soda From the TouchscreenSometimes you just want to ask for something with your mouth, you know?
  6. Kerfuffles
    The East Bay’s Lanesplitter Pizza Responds to Dramatic Employee WalkoutThe employees alleged emotional abuse and lack of access to healthcare, among other things.
  7. Kerfuffles
    Richard Serra vs. Blue Bottle’s Pastry Chef: An Artistic Cookie FightThe artist did not appreciate the homage in graham cracker, ginger snap, and sable.
  8. Not Cool
    Hayes Valley Thai Spot Makes Yet Another Extortion Claim Against YelpMore extortion claims. Sigh.
  9. Kerfuffles
    Mary Risley Lashes Back at Michael Pollan About the Impact of Food TVShe disagrees that cooking shows are ‘scaring us out of the kitchen.’
  10. Kerfuffles
    Bayless Disses San Francisco’s Food Scene, Then BacktracksThe ‘chef has some slightly negative things to say, as he has in the past with L.A.
  11. Kerfuffles
    Naan ’n’ Curry Owner Is Also an Accused SlumlordAtique Rehman may be the most penalized landlord ever.
  12. Lawsuits
    Embattled Oyster Farm Didn’t Ask for Help From Republicans, ButDrakes Bay Oyster Co. in Northern California has been taken up by the oil industry, which sees the case as having broad impacts for federal land use.
  13. Kerfuffles
    Downtown Café Continues to Wage Pointless War With Food TrucksHarvest and Rowe is at it again, this time with the Espresso Subito truck.
  14. Nightlife
    Rrazz Room Remains Mostly Closed Through April 30, But Will Make an ExceptionThey will still do Sunday brunches and happy hours, and host the shows by Ms. Lupone, but they will need to mitigate a sound issue before the end of April.
  15. Healthy S.F.
    Willie Brown Says Healthy S.F. Violators Should Just Negotiate With HerreraHe says they should come clean and not pay for lawyers.
  16. Endangered
    Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Gets Yet Another Reprieve From the 9th CircuitThey now have until mid-May, at least.
  17. Community Bored
    Which ‘Hood Gets Messiest After Midnight: Polk Street, North Beach, or ThePlease give us your opinion, dear readers.
  18. Kerfuffles
    Controversy Erupts Over Party Flyer Featuring Dead Pig, Photoshopped AprilVegans occasionally dislike such jokes.
  19. Kerfuffles
    Mina Group, Squat & Gobble, Burger Bar Top List of Healthy S.F. OffendersThe city releases the full list.
  20. Healthy S.F.
    Many More Restaurants Facing Consequences From Healthy S.F. ControversyAt least 50 restaurant owners are being targeted in a citywide crackdown on the misuse of funds that were supposed to be earmarked for healthcare.
  21. Lawsuits
    Drakes Bay Oyster Company: Not Dead YetThey have at least until March 15, unless their lawyers can convince a judge that the government used bad science to decide to close them down.
  22. Kerfuffles
    SodaStream Protest Turns Violent in the CastroSodaStream is owned by an Israeli company and works out of a facility in the West Bank…
  23. Kerfuffles
    Big New Rockridge Safeway Gets ApprovedIt’s been a long, ugly process.
  24. Kerfuffles
    Valencia Merchants Press Harder for Year-Long Restaurant FreezeBut city officials are unlikely to grant the ban.
  25. Community Bored
    NIMBY Upset About Woodhouse Crab Shack Plan at Marina GreenHe’s worried about fatter, lazier, more aggressive birds, for one.
  26. Kerfuffles
    Drakes Bay Oyster Company Endangered By Coastal Commission CrackdownAlso, their federal lease on their coastal waters expires November 30.
  27. Kerfuffles
    Valencia Merchants Lobby for Moratorium on New Restaurants
  28. Openings
    Chick Fil-A Opens in Walnut Creek, and Yes, There Are ProtestersAlso, a bunch of people camped out to get their year’s supply of free chicken sandwiches, because they don’t care about equality.
  29. Armchair Critics
    Yelp Shames a Handful of Businesses That Tried to Game the SystemThe company has launched a new crackdown on Craigslist solicitations of Yelp Elite members.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Yigit Pura Appreciates Chick Fil-A’s Honesty’One part of me says, ‘kudos to you.’ At least they didn’t back down about the fact that they’re ignorant… ’
  31. Community Bored
    Should Restaurants With Wood-Burning Ovens Be Complying With Spare the Air Days?Kokkari, apparently, isn’t.
  32. Kerfuffles
    Walnut Creek Chick-fil-A Opening Delayed Amidst Threats of ProtestIt’s now set for October 25, protest and all.
  33. Kerfuffles
    Fight Is Afoot Over New BevMo on Oakland’s Piedmont AvenueNearby wine stores are freaking out.
  34. Kerfuffles
    Eagle Tavern to Remain the Eagle Tavern, and Gay [Updated]Apparently a new lease has been signed.
  35. Endangered
    Tosca Café Update: Owner Decided to Lower Her Own Rent, Gets ServedIt will, in all likelihood, remain Tosca, however.
  36. Kerfuffles
    Chick-fil-A to Open Yet Another Bay Area Location in NovatoThey just purchased a former Carl’s Jr., making this their fourth or fifth new Bay Area location. Protest seems inevitable.
  37. Real Estate
    Controversial Eagle Tavern Replacement May Get NixedThe new partners aren’t happy about paying rent while the city delays their liquor license.
  38. Crises
    Noe Valley Whole Foods Parking Lot Will Become Mini-Carmageddon This MonthThis will, no doubt, be a crisis of epic proportions for the neighborhood.
  39. Kerfuffles
    Eagle Tavern Replacement Delayed as Activists Successfully Stall Liquor LicenseLGBT activists successfully lobbied the Board of Supervisors not to approve the liquor license for a group of new (straight) owners.
  40. Kerfuffles
    Mayor Lee Advises Chick-Fil-A: S.F. Location Bad IdeaMayor Ed Lee tweeted on Thursday: “Closest #ChickFilA to San Francisco is 40 miles away & I strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer.”
  41. Awesome Sauce
    Is ‘Chick-fil-A Sauce’ the New ‘Santorum’?This time it’s the Rickster himself who’s turning a new phrase.
  42. Kerfuffles
    Meet Abby Farle, the New Facebook User Who Is Suspiciously Supportive ofDid the troubled chicken chain make her up?
  43. Lawsuits
    Woman Insulted By Eddie Griffin at Pleasanton Club Talks LawsuitShe wants Eddie Griffin to apologize.
  44. Kerfuffles
    Exclusive: Eagle Tavern May Become Upscale Restaurant and Bar From ForeignExpect some protest at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting next week surrounding the proposed replacement for the beloved SoMa gay bar.
  45. Kerfuffles
    Pleasanton Comedy Club Becomes Latest Battleground in War Between Comics andComedian Eddie Griffin threw a drink on a woman after she tossed one at him, and then he called her a ‘dyke bitch.’
  46. Lawsuits
    Cyrus in Healdsburg Closing This Fall; Hotel Landlords WinTheir last day will be October 31.
  47. Let Them Eat Foie
    French Snub Their Noses at the Foie Gras Ban; S.F. Restaurant Starts Serving ItS.F.’s Presidio Social Club’s lawyers believe they are exempt from the ban.
  48. Health Concerns
    Londoners Protest McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s Sponsorship of theThe London Assembly is not particularly happy about the junk-food sponsors.
  49. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A’s ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ Promo Spurs HecklingThat little PR problem of theirs won’t go away.
  50. Let Them Eat Foie
    Anti-Foie Gras Activists Checking Up on Local Restaurants to See IfSounds like the anti-foie brigade is going to try to do their own policing. Good luck.
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