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  1. philosophy
    How to Live, According to Kenny ShopsinTwenty nuggets of soul-saving wisdom from New York’s most opinionated cook.
  2. rip
    Kenny Shopsin Was the Ornery, Profane Cook That New York NeededThe owner of the city’s most eccentric diner has died.
  3. Food Rules
    No Soup (or American Cheese, or Medium-Rare Steak) for You!Lots of rules at New York City restaurants.
  4. Cool Beans
    Take That, Shopsin! Stumptown Comes to Essex Street MarketAnd Pain D’Avignon sandwiches will soon follow.
  5. Beef
    Food Bloggers Outsmart Kenny Shopsin in Sandwich SkirmishCan a reporter order a Jewboy and a Jihadboy from the angriest man in the business?
  6. Kenny Chronicles
    Kenny Shopsin: Still Crazy After All These YearsAnother expletive-laden encounter with the one and only Kenny Shopsin.
  7. Undercover
    The Kenny Chronicles: In Which We Attempt to Charm and Disarm the CurmudgeonlyKenny Shopsin has gotten somewhat friendlier with the press, but how about his customers? Grub Street goes undercover to find out.
  8. Videofeed
    Kenny Shopsin Makes His Conan DebutThe local legend generously agreed to do a cooking segment — without cursing!
  9. FoodTV
    Kenny Shopsin on ConanCurmudgeonly cook Kenny Shopsin will appear on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ tomorrow to discuss his new book, ‘Eat Me.’
  10. NewsFeed
    Kenny Shopsin’s Book: The Customer Is Wrong, Pancakes Are CrapThe mercurial restaurateur has written a book, and it’s titled (what else?) ‘Eat Me.’
  11. Mediavore
    $2K Tables in the Hamptons; Ex-Cons to Serve You Booze Soon?Plus details about Kenny Shopsin’s cookbook, why Dale cried on ‘Top Chef’ last week, and more, in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  12. Back of the House
    A Fond Farewell to the Essex Market’s Norman SchapiroAs Passover nears, Gabriella Gershenson feels the absence of Norman Schapiro, the late kosher-wine merchant at the Essex Street Market.
  13. Mediavore
    Starbucks Nixes Breakfast Sandwiches; Kenny Shopsin Ready for Mind-AlteringIn addition to slowing its expansion (finally), Starbucks will halt “sales of hot breakfast sandwiches because their smell interferes with the aroma of coffee.” [WSJ] If Padma Lakshmi could eat anywhere right now, she’d head to a little taco stand in Mexico for some fish tacos on the beach. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Chelsea hot spot Stereo, which was closed by police earlier this month, will not be reopening at its current location because the landlord bought out the lease. [NYP]
  14. NewsFeed
    Shopsin’s Opening Announced (Kind Of)Kenny Shopsin sent us one of his typically terse missives last night, consisting entirely of the email subject line: “2-3 weeks.” For those not following the endless Shopsin saga, the gray-locked, foul-mouthed grill man has been readying his stall in the Essex Street Market for months and teasing the media with visual messages. This is the best one yet.
  15. In the Magazine
    What Do Paradou Marché and Kenny Shopsin Have in Common? Paradou Marché, the Lower East Side spinoff of meatpacking standby Paradou, is up and running at the Essex Street Market, Rob and Robin report in this week’s Openings. Given how small a space they have to work with, it’s impressive that they are able to carry over not only the pressed sandwiches the original is so well known for, but also some heavy-duty French standards, like cassoulet and short ribs bourguignonne. Between these sandwiches and the ones that will be rolling out of Kenny Shopsin’s stall when it finally opens, the Essex Street Market is going to be one of our go-to destinations for fast food. Openings: FR.OG, Suba, Móle, and Paradou Marché. [NYM] Paradou Marché Menu
  16. Mediavore
    Kitchen Abuse Exposed; Health Department Shutdowns TripleApparently, abuse of every kind is rampant in kitchens. Herewith, complaints leveled against Daniel, Jean Georges, Megu, Babbo, and more. [NYP] Post–KFC–Taco Bell scandal, New York restaurant closures triple. [NYP] Morandi is, like every other Keith McNally venture, a smashing success, and likely to remain so. [NYP]
  17. NewsFeed
    A Taste of Kenny ShopsinKenny Shopsin, the profane prince of the New York short-order world, is back cooking again. As Eater reported yesterday, Anne Saxelby of Saxelby Cheesemonger is collaborating with the gray-maned curmudgeon on egg-and-cheese sandwiches at Essex Street Market, and we just had to try one. Kenny’s stand — which will, like his online novelty business, be called Shopsin’s General Store — isn’t open yet. You order the sandwich from Saxelby, and Anne disappears behind a red door, where Kenny is cooking away. We got a few mouthfuls of sandwich, and then earfuls of curses from the man himself.
  18. Back of the House
    Lohan’s Mom Defiles Kobe Club; Brooklyn Goat Escapes SlaughterhouseKenny Shopsin still a long way from opening at Essex Market. [Eater] Lindsay Lohan’s mom gets tableside service, of a very special kind, at Kobe Club. [Page Six] Goat found wandering around Brooklyn, apparently after escaping a slaughterhouse. [Brooklyn Vegan] Crobar and Sol are back in business. [WINS] Soy making kids gay, Christian pundit claims. [WorldNet]