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  1. Slideshow
    First Look at the John Dory Oyster Bar, Where the Wait Is Already Half an HourA tour of the John Dory’s new incarnation in the Ace Hotel.
  2. Mad As Hell
    Friedman, Becker, McNally Team Up to Fight ‘Unbearable’ City HallRestaurateurs have been “treated like an ATM machine,” says Ken Friedman.
  3. Community Boards
    McNally Decides Against Fighting for Pulino’s CaféAnd the John Dory Oyster Bar gets an opening date.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Yes, Yes: Restaurants Are the New ClubsOr so says Ken Friedman.
  5. Openings
    Spotted Pig Team Lets Go of New Project; the Smile Wants to Open a BreastaurantPlus more from last night’s Community Board 2 meeting.
  6. Empire Building
    Starr Sets His Sights on Florida AgainStarr’s latest project will open next year in Bal Harbour, Florida.
  7. Trends
    Lights Out on Edison Bulbs?How did energy-hogging filament bulbs become so trendy? And will they survive new efficiency standards?
  8. Empire Building
    Starr Moves Ahead With Gastropub, Still in Talks with Ken FriedmanSerious talks continue between the two restaurant titans.
  9. Reopenings
    John Dory Aims for JulyThe new incarnation of Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s fish shack will have sidewalk seats and a “sense of humor.”
  10. Reopenings
    Jane Ballroom Restarts the Party As West Village Chaperones Look OnAfter its shuttering last October, one of the city’s hottest party spots has reopened.
  11. Empire Building
    Starr, Friedman In “Serious Talks” to Open a Gastropub in PhillyKen Friedman, your pants are on fire!
  12. Empire Building
    There Will Never Be Another Spotted Pig Anywhere, But Especially Not in PhillyAnother day, another Starr rumor
  13. Reopenings
    Ken Friedman Confirms Plans to Reopen John Dory in the Ace HotelThe décor may or may not look as much like “an acid trip underwater.”
  14. Openings
    Spotted Pig Brooklyn? Not a ChanceManhattan restaurateurs consider Brooklyn while Brooklyn proprietors ponder Gotham.
  15. Openings
    Breslin’s Basement Speakeasy Will Open in Spring-SummerThe catacomblike bar may be called Jersey Joe’s.
  16. Openings
    The Breslin Will Start Serving Dinner on November 23Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s restaurant in the Ace Hotel is ready for the big show.
  17. Slideshow
    Ken Friedman Is Ready to Say ‘Yes’ to You at the BreslinA first look at the Spotted Pig team’s new project, opening next week.
  18. Openings
    Friedman Finds New Spot for John DoryThe space will be three times the size of the old one.
  19. Closings
    Exit Interview: Ken Friedman on the Demise of the John Dory“I wanted to show everybody April Bloomfield could cook.”
  20. Mediavore
    Ken Friedman ‘Appalled’ by El Bulli; Ugly Betty at BelcourtPlus: the cupcake boom, in our morning news roundup.
  21. Closings
    The John Dory Goes Belly-upKen Friedman’s fish is fried.
  22. Fall Preview
    Ken Friedman on the Virtues of No ReservationsThe restaurateur is a “a last-minute, what-should-we-do-in-the-next-half-hour kind of guy.”
  23. Fall Preview
    What to Expect From the Breslin (Plus Renderings!)Lots of meat, two bars, and priced like the Spotted Pig.
  24. Slideshow
    Mandy Moore Learns How to Cook the Spotted Pig’s GnudiWatch Mandy Moore in the kitchen with the Spotted Pig’s chefs.
  25. Slideshow
    A Closer Look Inside Andrew Carmellini’s Locanda VerdeA tour of the restaurant in action.
  26. Mediavore
    Wine and Beer Taxes Could Rise; Arby’s Has Some Work to DoPlus: David Chang on Andrew Carmellini, and yogurt’s ambassador passes away, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Road Trip
    April Bloomfield & Co. Take U.K. Field Trip to Prep for Ace DebutOn the itinerary: Squirrel, lamb kidney, and mutton diaphragm.
  28. Celebrity Settings
    Where Does Ferran Adrià Eat When He’s in Town?The John Dory’s chef, April Bloomfield, was nervous when she heard that a god of gastronomy would be watching her every move.
  29. Navel-gazing
    Blog Coverage: Is It Foreplay or Does It Just Ruin the Mood?Restaurateurs have an ambiguous relationship with preopening coverage.
  30. Openings
    Keith McNally’s and Ken Friedman’s New Ones Are ChristenedThe restaurant in the ACE Hotel finally has a name.
  31. Reopenings
    Andrew Carmellini Will Helm Second Go at AgoKen Friedman of the Spotted Pig is also involved.
  32. Menu Changes
    Rusty Knot Serves Less, LaterBacon-and-liver sandwich, R.I.P. (for the winter, at least).
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Spotted at the DoryThe critics were out in full force during a recent dinner.
  34. Trends
    Chefs Are the New Cooks, Bistros Are the New Restaurants, and Other TrendyIs Peruvian really the new Thai?
  35. Hotel Motel
    April Bloomfield Plans to Go Medieval on Your Ass at Ace HotelKen Friedman promises that vegetarians won’t feel comfortable at their new restaurant.
  36. Openings
    John Dory Taking ReservationsThe Spotted Pig’s new restaurant will open next Monday.
  37. Openings
    Ken Friedman Will Not Be Damned by Frank Bruni Again!’Friedman is mildly obsessed with getting a good review from Frank Bruni.’ Plus, more interior shots!
  38. Openings
    John Dory Taking Reservations Tomorrow; Fake and Real Fish in PlaceThe new seafood restaurant from the Spotted Pig team is ‘getting there’; photos show the 900-pound aquarium is up and running.
  39. In the Magazine
    Fall Preview: Cool Winds Bring Good EatsNew restaurants from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, Zak Pelaccio, and Drew Nieporent in this year’s fall preview.
  40. Ask a Waiter
    Jenn James of the Rusty Knot Never Wants to Hear ‘Hotel California’The waitress doesn’t much like the Eagles anymore, after hearing them on the jukebox one too many times, but shots of pickle brine are another thing entirely.
  41. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer, the Man Behind the Music at the Rusty KnotDavid Amsden steps into the world of downtown’s most-sought-after tastemaker and learns that he’s the one behind the jukebox at the Rusty Knot.
  42. NewsFeed
    Ken Friedman Also Has a DoppelgängerSure, David Chan looks a hell of a lot like David Chang, but the food world has been strangely mum about the closest resemblance of all — between Spotted Pig honcho Ken Friedman and spotted-pig hunter Meriwether Lewis.
  43. Back of the House
    Ken Friedman Spotted With Robin Wright PennInquisitive gadabout Joshua David Stein has word of an unlikely pairing: that of Spotted Pig and Rusty Knot owner Ken Friedman and actress Robin Wright Penn.
  44. House Mix
    At the Rusty Knot, There’s a Bass on the Wall and ‘Barracuda’ on theBack when Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman first clued us in to the Rusty Knot, in the old West space, he said little more than, “We’re doing a little dive bar there — it’s going to have a pool table and a jukebox.” In this week’s issue, chef Joaquin Baca tells us what “dive bar” means (an addictive chicken liver, bacon, and avocado sandwich, it turns out), but he doesn’t say anything about the jukebox. All we can say is, don’t expect to hear Masta Ace or New Young Pony Club, like you might at the Pig.
  45. NewsFeed
    The Rusty Knot Will Knot Be Open TomorrowThe Rusty Knot, Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman’s new west side bar, was jam-packed last night. Maybe a little too packed: Friedman has decided to close the place back up for a few days until he can figure out how to handle the crowds, which are much more intense than he bargained for. (Just last night, we saw Mary-Kate (or was it Ashley?) Olsen coming out the door, and Kate Krader of Food and Wine says Jay-Z and LeBron James were frolicking inside too. “Our friends ate & drank us dry last night. We’ll open sometime next week,” Friedman says. Related: Friedman Reveals a Little Bit (Just a Little Bit) About John Dory, Rusty Knot
  46. Back of the House
    For Ilan Hall, a Taco Shack of One’s OwnIt’s a far cry from helming a Ken Friedman restaurant, as he was previously rumored to be doing, but now the word, via the Gluttoness, is that former Top Chef Ilan Hall is said to be opening a taco shack in Los Angeles. We suspect, as the Gluttoness does as well, that the hire is a way to buy cheap publicity for the taco shack in question. Still, is this what being a Top Chef has come to? Somewhere, Sam Talbot must be sniggering. Rumor Mill [Gluttoness] Related: Will Ken Friedman Open a Restaurant With Ilan Hall?
  47. NewsFeed
    Friedman Reveals a Little Bit (Just a Little Bit) About John Dory, Rusty KnotDeodorant-eschewing Spotted Pig honcho Ken Friedman sits down with Bruni to say not much of anything about what he’s planning for the Rusty Knot, his “East Village–style dive bar” in the old West space. Despite the fact that he was last heard talking about the bar in a series of Belvedere ads, he says he doesn’t want the sort of exposure Sam Mason enjoyed on this very blog (“I was sick of [Tailor] before it even opened”) and reveals that his first choice for partner was Amy Sacco of Bungalow 8 rather than Taavo Somer of Freemans — a restaurant that’s one of his faves despite the fact that “the food’s never really that good.” Ouch! A Chat with Ken Friedman [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Earlier: Daniel Boulud and Ken Friedman Reveal New Projects in Belvedere Ads
  48. NewsFeed
    Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman Likes Your Sexy Stank We can only imagine why Times writer Anna Jane Grossman rang Ken Friedman when she was looking for a quote about why folks forgo deodorant, but, boy, was he forthcoming about his use of what we call “meodorant”: For those who managed to avoid underarm products, the idea of using them is anathema. “I never use deodorant,” said Ken Friedman, an owner of the Spotted Pig, a restaurant in the West Village. “I like girls who don’t use anything. They sort of smell like sex.” Are you listening, Beyoncé? Cast Aside Underarm Protection, If You Dare [NYT]
  49. NewsFeed
    Daniel Boulud and Ken Friedman Reveal New Projects in Cheesy Belvedere AdsThe Tenjune lads aren’t the only ones to recommend not-exactly-under-the-radar places in Belvedere’s “keys to the city” series: The interview with Marquee’s “head doorman/actor” Wass makes us want to hand him a douche card, Centro Vinoteca’s Anne Burrell plugs no fewer than four Batali restaurants, and pretty much everyone plugs the Spotted Pig.
  50. Mediavore
    Gordo Casting Restaurateurs; Thomas Keller Feels for Celebrity ChefsGordo’s back on Fox TV for another season of Kitchen Nightmares, and he’s looking for a floundering restaurateur to belittle on national TV. [Eater] It’s hard out there for a chef, according to Thomas Keller: “No longer are critically-acclaimed chefs allowed — as they might have been even ten years ago — to call it a day after opening a single successful restaurant. Instead, he said, food wizards like him are … expected to pen best-sellers, give lectures, judge reality TV shows and host benefits like the one he gave last night.” [NYO] The massive, multistory Pop Burger at 14 East 58th Street will start serving baby crab cakes and grilled filet mignon in addition to burger boxes by mid-November. [Strong Buzz] Related: Massive New Pop Burger Popping Up in Midtown
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