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  1. spoonfuls of sugar
    General Mills Releases Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, a Sugar Bomb for the AgesKellogg’s probably thinks it’s not so gr-r-reat.
  2. bans
    Kellogg Pulls All Advertising From Breitbart NewsThe cereal maker says the site’s racist bent isn’t “aligned with our values as a company.”
  3. sign of the times
    Lame Dads Only People Still Buying CerealKellogg realized it can’t convince anyone else to eat Frosted Flakes.
  4. organic food
    Kellogg’s and General Mills Are Paying Farmers to Switch to OrganicBig Food is having trouble keeping up with demand.
  5. Madness
    Kellogg’s Announces Plan to Ruin Froot Loops ForeverThe company will phase out artificial ingredients, destroying the cereal’s essence.
  6. Food Safety
    Glass Fragments Found in Special K, Kellogg’s RecallsBut no injuries have been reported.
  7. Once You Pop
    Kellogg to Step Up Waffle and Pop-Tart Presence in ChinaBreakfast is the most important meal of China’s growing economy.