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  1. reopenings
    Rejoice: Montero’s Reopens Tomorrow, Complete With KaraokeThe 82-year-old nautical dive bar has never been closed for this long.
  2. closing time
    When Will We Karaoke Again?Singing alone just isn’t the same.
  3. gallery
    Chatting With the Singers at the Reopened Winnie’sThe karaoke dive is back in a new space on East Broadway with shiny red booths, a retro-looking mic, and an updated computerized karaoke system.
  4. maybe coming soon
    It Looks Like Chinatown Karaoke Dive Winnie’s Will Return From the DeadThe former owners have applied for a liquor license in a new space.
  5. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Karaoke Bar in New YorkWhere to go when you need to pour your heart out into the microphone.
  6. Video Feed
    Farewell to Legendary Karaoke Bar Winnie’s“The bar is a happy bar.”
  7. Closings
    St. Marks Gets Karaoke, Loses a KoreanGama has closed after three years, but welcome U2 Karaoke to the neighborhood.
  8. Openings
    Bibimbap and ‘MMMBop’: Karaoke Boho Opens in West VillageA look at Sing Sing’s latest sing-along den.
  9. Openings
    Sing Sing Opens New Bar: Summer of ’09 Will Be All About ‘Summer ofBecause Sing Sing is opening a new bar!