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Kandy Kakes

  1. Menu Changes
    Adsum Eighty-Sixes Kandy Kake Sliders; P.Y.T. Rolls Out Mini Krispy KremeWhen one junk food window closes, another one opens.
  2. Menu Changes
    Tasty Baking Co. Wants to Supersize Adsum’s Kandy Kake SlidersThe financially troubled snack maker wants to upgrade Adsum’s sliders to full size hamburgers.
  3. Sweet News
    Tasty Bakes New KakesTasty Baking Co. bakes up a better kake.
  4. Sweet News
    Chefs Come to the Rescue of Beleaguered Tasty Baking Co.Matt Levin and other like-minded chefs are saving Tasty Baking Co. with culinary creations that incorporate the iconic Philadelphia snacks.
  5. The Other Blogs
    Eatocracy Toques Up with Matt LevinThe Jeff Spicoli of chefs tells the CNN blog all about the stoner food on his menu.
  6. Sweet News
    Is It a Tandy Kake or a Kandy Kake?Tandy is just dandy, thanks