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Kai Schoenhals

  1. Nonstaurants
    WSJ Hits SF, Sounds Off on BustaurantsWSJ Decides It’s Time to Get on the Bus
  2. Foodievents
    Free Range Dining Launches Mobile Nonstaurant Aboard Their BusClimb aboard the Bay Area’s first mobile nonstaurant to destinations unknown.
  3. Nonstaurants
    Interview: Underground Restaurateur Kai Schoenhals Wants You Aboard His BusThe Free Range Dining partner talks about his upcoming plans for both a mobile and a more traditional restaurant.
  4. Trends
    Soon You May Be Eating Foie Aboard a ‘57 Greyhound BusThe biggest takeaway from today’s Chron piece about pop-up restaurants? The news that the Free Range Dining boys will soon be serving mobile dinners aboard a ‘57 Greyhound.