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K Cups

  1. pod people
    Fully Compostable Coffee Pods Finally ExistThe PurPod100 is made from coffee-bean shells.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Will Release Pumpkin Spice Latte K-CupsIt’s part of an entirely new “latte” line of coffee pods.
  3. Hmm
    Folgers Coffee Is Getting Even More PopularIts new “on-trend products” are selling better than anyone expected.
  4. Bans
    A German City Banned Single-Serve Coffee Pods Because They’re So WastefulHamburg has outlawed the pods in all government buildings.
  5. Pod Wars
    Keurig Says Sales of Its Machines and Coffee Pods Continue to PlummetThe company posted its sixth straight quarter of losses.
  6. Pod Wars
    Keurig Green Mountain Sold for $14 BillionThe purchasing group includes Oreo-maker Mondelez.
  7. Pod Wars
    Consumers Are Finally Tiring of KeurigK-Cup sales are in decline, and its Kold soda machine looks DOA.
  8. Edibles
    Weed-Infused K-Cups Take Washington by StormWake, push a button, and bake.
  9. Pod People
    The ‘Freedom Clip’ Will Permanently Jailbreak Your Keurig 2.0Time to bust out some unauthorized K-Cups.
  10. Video Feed
    Hackers Beat Keurig’s Coffee-Pod-Verification System With Scissors andThat didn’t take long at all.
  11. The Chain Gang
    Subway to Sell Terrible Coffee With Its Horrible SandwichesKeurig K-Cups for all of the country’s 30,000 locations.
  12. The Pod Wars
    Competitor Says It’ll Hack Keurig’s Coffee Pod Verification SystemThe future of single-serve coffee quality looks even bleaker.
  13. The Chain Gang
    White Castle Thinks You Want to Make Its Coffee at HomeIt will start selling branded K-cups like everybody else these days.
  14. Coffee Talk
    Nespresso Agrees to Stop Hating on Competitor’s Single-Serve Coffee PodsThey’re no longer allowed to badmouth other companies, too.
  15. Decaf
    Campbell’s Launching Line of Soups for Keurig Coffee MachinesA whole new realm of office pranks has just opened up.