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Just The Tip

  1. Ill-Advised Decisions
    Some Guy Actually Went and Named His Restaurant ‘Just the Tip’“It aptly fits the name. Any innuendo after that is up to you.”
  2. Just the Tip
    Waitress Gets to Keep $12,000 Tip That May or May Not Be Drug MoneyAfter police seize the cash, claiming it’s part of an investigation, the server fights to get paid.
  3. Just the Tip
    Receipt Hoax Revealed at True Food KitchenThe offensive receipt was apparently photo-shopped from one with a much better gratuity.
  4. Just the Tip
    True Food Kitchen Gets Turn to Untangle Nasty ReceiptA supposed “one-percenter” tells a waitress to “get a real job,” while the chain tries to figure out whether the receipt itself is real.
  5. Mediavore
    Which Celebrities Are Bad Tippers; Behold The Pyschic Fortune CookieJeremy Piven doesn’t surprise us, but Sean Penn?!
  6. The Other Critics
    Gelt Learns The Hippie Lingo at Cafe Gratitude; Gold Offers Tipping TipsSorry kids, it’s 20% every time. Yes, EVERY time.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    LL Cool J Tips Big at Gladstone’s; Reese Witherspoon and Jessica AlbaMeanwhile, we gain a little insight into George Lopez’s decision to abandon the woman willing to give him her own kidney.
  8. Just the Tip
    Who Are L.A.’s Best and Worst Tippers?We didn’t think it possible to love Bill Murray anymore than we do now until we heard this.