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Just Mayo

  1. goose eggs
    Target Dumps Hampton CreekIt’s a significant blow for the Just Mayo producer.
  2. more bad eggs
    Target Has Pulled All of Hampton Creek’s Products Over Food Safety ConcernsThe claims include that the products are mislabeled and include pathogens.
  3. goose eggs
    Hampton Creek Reportedly Can’t Find Investors for Its Scandal-Ridden Vegan MayoSilicon Valley’s ex-darling has also fired or lost over a dozen senior managers.
  4. food fraud
    Feds Now Investigating If Hampton Creek’s Buyback Program Constitutes FraudThe Department of Justice is pursuing charges of mail and wire fraud.
  5. cheaters
    Now the Feds Are Investigating the Shady Vegan-Mayo Buyback ProgramThe SEC has opened an inquiry into Hampton Creek’s tactics.
  6. fake it till you make it
    Vegan-Mayo-Maker Accused of Buying Its Own Product to Increase SalesIs Just Mayo really as popular as customers, and investors, think?
  7. Creator of Vegan Mayo Blasts Trump’s Campaign As ‘Un-American’Josh Tetrick is waging war in full-page ads timed to the Republican National Convention.
  8. Meat Alternatives
    Meat-Free Food May Soon Include Vegan OystersHampton Creek stands to become a billion-dollar company with more than 600 products.
  9. Food Politics
    Congress Introduced a Bill to Keep Journalists From Snooping Around Big FoodIt’s industry lobbyists’ response to the exposé over vegan mayo.
  10. Bad Eggs
    Hellmann’s Just Launched Its Own Vegan MayoThe eggless “spread” is a direct shot at Just Mayo.
  11. Egg Beaters
    Vegan Favorite Just Mayo Gets to Keep Its NameThe FDA is okay with an egg-free spread calling itself “mayonnaise.”
  12. Egg On The Face
    The USDA Is Investigating Misuse of Public Funds to Thwart Vegan-Mayo SalesDrama, drama, drama.
  13. Scrambling
    Government-Backed Egg Board Doing Everything It Can to Squash VeganA recently unearthed trove of emails shows the American Egg Board working furiously to deal with the “crisis.”
  14. Bad Egg
    Government Starts Cracking Down on Vegan ‘Mayo’Do not cross Hellmann’s.
  15. Workplace Drama
    Employees Say Vegan-Mayo Start-up Created ‘Uncomfortable, Unsafe WorkApparently Just Mayo’s parent company, Hampton Creek, is totally rotten.
  16. Lawsuits
    Hellmann’s Calls Off Its Legal Attack on Vegan ‘Mayonnaise’Start spreading the news.
  17. Lawsuits
    Hellmann’s Continues Fight Against Vegan ‘Mayo’ Maker WithLet the condiment conspiracy theories begin.
  18. Lawsuits
    The Hellman’s Lawsuit Led to the Best Sales Day Ever for Just MayoMiracle Whip is staying out of this fight, for now.
  19. Lawsuits
    Hellmann’s Moves to Block Sales of Vegan ‘Mayonnaise’Andrew Zimmern has something to say about all of this.