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Julia Langbein

  1. Thought Pieces
    A Blogger Turned Gourmet Contributor Looks BackJulia Langbein went from writing the Bruni Digest to writing for ‘Gourmet.’ So what will she miss most?
  2. NewsFeed
    Gawker Lays Hate on Restaurant Girl Danyelle FreemanNow that Bruni Digest author Julia Langbein is blogging for Gourmet, you don’t hear many jabs at Frank’s purple prose anymore. Enter Gawker, which yesterday took aim at a much fresher target in not one but three posts skewering Danyelle Freeman, a.k.a. “Restaurant Hurl.” Somehow we don’t think Gawker’s back-to-back parody reviews — which focused on a sandwich we eat about three times a week, Despaña’s El Quixote — will cause Freeman’s future dispatches to be any less florid and torrid.