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  1. food trends
    Juicero Founder Now Promoting $40 Jugs of ‘Raw Water’ in Silicon ValleyHe’s even trespassing to bottle it directly from a spring.
  2. food tech
    Juicero Will Cease OperationsYou’ll still have your hands.
  3. Juicero Thinks People Would Buy Its Wi-Fi Juicer If It Didn’t Cost $400The widely discredited machine’s price is what’s not “realistic.”
  4. go figure
    Of Course Ivanka Trump Once Shilled for JuiceroPerhaps not surprisingly, the Kushners had just invested in it.
  5. buyers beware
    Juicero’s $400 Wi-Fi Juicer Works No Better Than Your HandsA new report makes the “Keurig of juice” sound like a pretty bad investment.