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  1. juice
    Meet the Fashion World’s Favorite Juice PusherWhat New York lacks in Erewhon, we gain with Tom.
  2. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Adds Watered-down Juice Boxes to Make Happy Meals HealthierIt’s swapping 100 percent juice for an “organic” option that’s half water.
  3. Juicero Thinks People Would Buy Its Wi-Fi Juicer If It Didn’t Cost $400The widely discredited machine’s price is what’s not “realistic.”
  4. buyers beware
    Juicero’s $400 Wi-Fi Juicer Works No Better Than Your HandsA new report makes the “Keurig of juice” sound like a pretty bad investment.
  5. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Closing the Last Two Locations of Its Evolution Fresh Juice ChainThe chain’s future with cold-pressed sweet greens will live on in the supermarket bottles.
  6. Closings
    The Juice Apocalypse Is HereAll locations of Organic Avenue are closing.
  7. Carrot Conflict
    A Juice War Is Engulfing the East VillageOne shop owner isn’t happy that a local chain is invading his turf.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Supreme Court Weighs In on Juice“He sometimes doesn’t read closely enough,” Antonin Scalia shot back.
  9. Cold-Pressed Juice Boxes
    Just Peachy: City Kids Now Hooked on Juice CleansesThe rugrats are quoting Dr. Oz.
  10. Juice
    Neighbors Say BluePrint Juice Factory Is Ruining Their LivesEverybody just cleanse for a minute here.
  11. Cold-Pressed
    L.A. Juice Bar Co-opts Anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.’s Death WithJuice apples, get money.
  12. Master Cleansers
    Liquiteria Expanding to Union Square, TooThe juice is loose.
  13. Liquid Diets
    Brussels-Sprout Juice Poised to Overthrow Green JuiceMake it stop.
  14. Jamaican Me Juice
    Miss Lily’s Has a Very Special Goyard Machete for Dedicated JuicersIt slices. It dices. It thwacks coconuts.
  15. Coming Soon
    Apothéke’s Heather Tierney Opening the Butcher’s DaughterThe juice bar and vegetarian café should bow later this month.
  16. Bars
    What to Drink at Soaked, the Mondrian Soho’s New Boozy-Juice BarJuice + booze is hot, hot.
  17. New Leaves
    Campbell Soup, PepsiCo Go HealthyCampbell soup acquires a carrot and juice company while PepsiCo branches into yogurt.
  18. Agenda
    Maury Rubin Opening Juice Bar in City BakeryHe plans to cold-press, pulverize, and blend ingredients seldom seen together, many of them from the nearby Greenmarket
  19. Openings
    Main Squeeze Opens on Santa Monica’s Main StreetThe new cafe offers supplement shots specific to different ailments.
  20. Mediavore
    Wolfgang Puck Bakes Zsa Zsa’s Birthday Cake; It’s Time for Iguana MeatPuerto Rico wants to start exporting meat from the giant reptiles. Any takers? Anyone?
  21. Openings
    Pressed Juicery Sets Down Roots in West HollywoodThe store likes to trumpet celebrity clientele like Kerry Washington and Demi Moore.
  22. Openings
    Miss Lily’s Will Open a Next-Door Juice Bar and Takeout Shop Before theMelvin Major Jr. of Lifethyme Health Foods will head up the juicing portion.
  23. Schemes
    Starbucks’ Juicy Plans for Further DominationThe coffee chain is angling hard for the juice-bar business.
  24. Mediavore
    Sandra Day O’Connor Has Big Mac Attack; Panera Posting Calorie Count“Little Billy” polled the Supreme Court on their favorite things to eat at McDonalds and the first U.S. chain is revealed that will post calorie counts.