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Judah Friedlander

  1. Celebrity Settings
    First Lady Michelle Obama Drags Daughters to Drago; Justin Bieber Takes SelenaThe young celebrity couple also had a picnic in the park with Subway sandwiches and, of course, some sort of official photographer.
  2. Rants
    Judah Friedlander Finally Finds Decent New York Burritos, Turns His Attention toThe secret to a good burrito? Homemade beans.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Blake Lively Wears White to La Grenouille; Snooki Wears Black to TeqaPlus: Miley Cyrus takes her sister to Tao, Susan Sarandon avoids Judah Friedlander at Indochine, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    John Mayer Looks for a Bride at Spotted Pig; Judah Friedlander Looks for BurgersPlus: Alicia Keys at Casa La Femme, LeBron James at the Darby, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  5. Video Feed
    Mario Batali Wins ‘Most-Frequent Guest’ Honors on FallonThe chef makes fettuccine with lobster and tomato sauce while Judah Friedlander looks on.
  6. The New York Diet
    Judah Friedlander Thinks Manhattan Pizza Has ‘Gone Downhill’“That’s for people who don’t like flavor and think they’re cool because they’re eating at Benny’s Burritos.”