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Josie Lebalch

  1. Menus
    Josie Taking It Back to 2001The chef will revisit her original opening menu through March.
  2. Next Door by Josie
    Duck Confit Banh Mi Coming Back to Next Door by JosieThe chef will offer her incredible sandwich just once a week on “Banh Mi Sundays.”
  3. Quote of the Day
    Josie LeBalch Gets GroundedThe chef recounts her professional turning point at her dad’s cooking school and restaurant.
  4. Freebies
    Free Beer and Bacon Popcorn at Next Door by JosieThe restaurant is credited with bringing the city its first taste of many to come.
  5. Foodievents
    The L.A. Epicurean Festival Returns August 26Celebrity judges for The Epicurean Cup include Michael Richard, Josie LeBalch, and Bradley Ogden.
  6. Inedible Apps
    Introducing Chef’s InsightThe site, which looks at the day-to-day doings of chefs, comes from food photographer Bob Hodson.
  7. Totally Worth the Drive
    Totally Worth The Drive: Mai’s Duck Confit Banh Mi at Next Door by JosieJose Le Balch calls it “the best banh mi in town;” strong fighting words in a town where everyone has a high and low-end favorite.
  8. Mediavore
    Bobby Brown Booked for DUI; Alicia Silverstone Chews Food for BabyThe singer failed a sobriety test after being busted for chatting on his phone while driving.
  9. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Channels Allen Ginsberg at Next Door by JosieThe critic has seen some of “the best chefs of my generation employed by gastropubs.”
  10. Openings
    A Look Into Next Door by Josie, Open Tonight in Santa MonicaJosie Le Balch’s house-made Frito’s, elk chorizo, and duck confit banh mi mark the season’s first thrilling opening.
  11. Airport Dining
    Even LAX Is Getting a Pop-Up, But Not a SpuntinoBoth Ludo and LeBalch are promised, though we think in slightly different forms than those announced.
  12. Superlatives
    BizBash Misses The Boat While Predicting 2011’s Most Anticipated OpeningsWe put Voltaggio’s Ink, Animal’s next project, Nancy Silverton burgers, and the rebirth of Grace way higher than a new Rosa Mexicano.
  13. Empire Building
    Josie LeBalch Reveals Empire Aspirations With A New, More Casual RestaurantThe chef plans a spate of everyday spots, with charcuterie, craft beer, and panini.
  14. Foodies With Benefits
    Get 30% Off Tickets To ‘Great Chefs of L.A.’ From Grub StreetWe help you score a deep discount to dining with over 30 chefs and 34 beverage suppliers.
  15. Chef’s Night Out
    Brad A. Johnson Lets The Chefs Out Again For 8th Annual Restaurant AwardsThe critic is giving away two tickets to an event with a star-roster of chefs and an awards ceremony for his year’s best picks.
  16. Neighborhood Watch
    The Tar Pit Starts ‘Sunday Night Supper Club’ in Hollywood; Mooi Coming to EchoLive bands will fight for attention with Mark Peel’s plates and a popular food vendor starts its own store.