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  1. Lists
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaThe list includes Shaya from New Orleans, Townsman in Boston, and New York’s Shuko and Little Park.
  2. Josh Ozersky
    KFC Donated $15,000 to the Josh Ozersky Memorial FundIt’s now almost fully funded.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Kat Kinsman Gets Deep Over French 75s“Our food editor surprises us with a lunch of asparagus, morels, and ramp toast with crème fraîche … He says he’s cleaning the fridge. I say he’s saving my soul.”
  4. Tributes
    Josh Ozersky and Grub Street’s Salad Early DaysWhat it was like to launch this very site alongside the celebrated food writer.
  5. Tributes
    Platt Remembers Ozersky: A True Grub Street Intellectual“He was the closest thing to a real Liebling-esque figure in this increasingly gaseous world of food writing that we have.”
  6. RIP
    Josh Ozersky Has Passed Away [Updated]The food writer, and a founding editor of Grub Street, was 47 years old.
  7. Navel Gazing
    It’s Not All Cronut Deliveries and Dinners at CarboneJosh Ozersky on the misery of working at Grub Street.
  8. Wry Rye
    Pastrami, Smoked Meat, and the Future of the DeliThe future of the Jewish deli is at stake. Pass the mustard.
  9. Foodievents
    Brace for the Coming of Meatopia, September 21It’s the kickoff event of Eat Real 2012 in Oakland.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Ozersky’s Restaurant VisionHe really wants to design a restaurant for fat people.
  11. Nana
    More Thoughts on Critics; Flavor Memories From NanaOzersky gets deep … fried.
  12. Mediavore
    Shooting at Nevada IHOP Leaves Five Dead; McDonald’s Ravaging Rain ForestsThe small town of Carson City is shocked after a restaurant murder spree.
  13. TV Land
    Extreme Chef Is the Cooking-Competition Show None of Us Have BeenA look at Food Network’s latest creation.
  14. Metacriticism
    Ozersky Still Hates the ‘Crappily Written’ Michelin Guide“”It’s not that I don’t agree with the Michelin ratings, they’re O.K.,” he writes. “But I don’t understand them, and that’s not O.K.”
  15. Mediavore
    Busta Rhymes Accused of Hurling Bottle at Mr. Chow; Kid Rock Pays For WaffleTwo rap performers are dealing with the aftermath of misbehaving in restaurants.
  16. Beef
    Ozersky: ‘Steingarten Is Right About Brooklyn’Cutlets: “The best restaurants in Brooklyn, for the most part, are just outposts of Manhattan restaurants.”
  17. Beef
    Ozersky Gets Public Spanking, Keeps Job“Josh understands that such proper disclosures are to be made in the future.”
  18. Beef
    Ozersky: The Sin of Omission“I was hardly trying to trade column space for goods.”
  19. Beef
    Sietsema to Ozersky: Who Paid for Your Wedding Feast?“Since the function of a critic, anonymous or not, is to eat food and render an unbiased opinion, you seem to have failed on that account.”
  20. Other Sites
    A Mr. Cutlets Video a Day Probably Won’t Keep the Doctor AwayOzersky.tv has launched.
  21. TV Land
    Steve Plotnicki: Food Bloggers Aren’t Any Crazier Than BourdainThe Opinionated About Dining honcho objects to how bloggers were portrayed on ‘No Reservations.’
  22. TV Land
    Katz’s Beats 2nd Avenue Deli on ‘Food Wars’?Plus, watch Anthony Bourdain butcher a pig, and an update on the 2nd Avenue Deli’s Upper East Side location.
  23. Tony Tony Tony
    Bourdain Films at Minetta Tavern (Wait, Isn’t the Show Called NoWhat to expect from the new season.
  24. The Other Magazines
    Roni-Sue Kave, LaFrieda Meats Get Edible TreatmentThe new issue of ‘Edible Manhattan’ hits the virtual shelves.
  25. Other Blogs
    Food Bloggers Play Musical Chairs, Make Us DizzyThis, folks, is why some people call it the Interweb.
  26. What to Eat
    Cutlets Defends Bill’s Burger; AHT Goes Gaga for Bulgogi BurgerA Hamburger Today weighs in on Song 7.2’s Korean-style burger.
  27. The Other Critics
    Can Alan Richman’s Takedown Kill the Bill’s Burger?The ‘GQ’ critic says don’t believe the hype.
  28. Slideshow
    First Look at Bill’s Bar and Burger, Serving ‘the Best Hamburger inA first look at the space, the menu, and a burger that’s already receiving accolades from critics and chefs.
  29. Trends
    Shamburgers: Lucy Browne’s Is Faking the Big O’In today’s roundup of hamburger news: The top five in the city, a praiseworthy newcomer, and a shocking impostor.
  30. Beef
    Dallas BBQ: The Roman Polanski of Restaurants?Critics are torn about the “barbecue” chain.
  31. Foodievents
    Can Lamb Be the New Pork?Evidence that lamb may be the next trendy protein.
  32. Foodievents
    Two Food Festivals That Haven’t Been Rammed Down Your ThroatA walking tour with Ruth Reichl, another burger competition, and chefs galore.
  33. What to Eat
    Dr Pepper Ribs: Lowbrow Despicable or Lowbrow Brilliant?Josh Ozersky says ribs should never be braised; Ryan Skeen (?) has something to say about that.
  34. Twitterverse
    Star-Tweeting Runs Rampant at Minetta TavernA perfect storm of celebrities and stalkers.
  35. Preening
    Chubby ChasingJosh Ozersky wants you to know he’s straight, okay?
  36. Tony Tony Tony
    Tony Tours Lost New YorkThe February 23 episode of ‘No Reservations’ will take Anthony Bourdain on a tour of the vanishing city.
  37. Glamburgers
    City Burger Embraces the HypeNot quite as crazy as the Al Franken quotes at Gray’s Papaya, but…
  38. Temporary Closings
    Di Fara Down!A mysterious medical emergency has left the pizza palace temporarily closed.
  39. Objects of Desire
    Kelly Choi Makes Top Chef Twice As NiceKelly Choi is Bravo’s latest hostess, and a food blogger asks the inevitable: “Who do you think is foxier, Kelly or Padma?”
  40. Beef
    Cutlets Catches Heat for Hamburger HyperboleAmong other things, not everyone thinks Obama should “hamburger-ize” the economy.
  41. Pay to Play
    Supper Club Offers Costly Super-Exclusive VIP Access to HamburgersDinner clubs may have reached a new low.
  42. Beef
    Ozersky to Neroni: ‘Pipe Down!’One of the bloggers that Jason Neroni complained about has responded to the chef.
  43. Chef Talks
    AC and the RipperThe two chefs will talk about home cooking versus restaurant cooking next Tuesday.
  44. Burger Battles
    Bruni Loves Irving Mill Burger, Arthur Schwartz Despises White CastleJosh Ozersky attempts to sell Arthur Schwartz on White Castle, and fails miserably.
  45. Foodie Feminism
    Foodie Feminists Say ‘Oh No You Didn’t’Bloggers are upset that Bruni advanced dining stereotypes and that Josh Ozersky is promising columns from ‘the top men in the field.’
  46. Cuttysearch
    CuttysearchJosh Ozersky’s new “gastronomic gazette,” the Feedbag, is now live.
  47. Beef
    Blog BeefOur erstwhile editor, Josh Ozersky, hasn’t yet launched his new blog, the Feedbag, but ‘Time Out’’s blog, the Feed, isn’t a big fan of the name.
  48. NewsFeed
    Grub Street Meets ‘Food Talk’Just in case you weren’t tuned in to WOR this morning, we thought we’d let you know that “Food Talk” host Mike Colameco had us on his show and that you can hear our conversation by going here (click on “Food Talk November 28” in the lower-left corner of the page). We covered classic Grub Street topics like Bar-B-Jews, Cesare Casella’s zoological experiments, and plans for a bollito misto debauch. So rest your eyes and give it a listen.