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Jose Huizar

  1. Endangered
    After Al Fresco Dining Is Dashed, St. Vincent’s Court Resembles a ‘Ghost Town’Councilman Jose Huizar thinks both sides will benefit from a little compromise.
  2. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Original Facade Revealed TomorrowThe art deco decor hasn’t been glimpsed since the fifties.
  3. Mediavore
    Where Kobe Bryant Ate in High School; Where to Get a Huizar RollKobe makes a fast-break for the border, while Rudy Martinez still has a sushi roll dedicated to his political rival.
  4. Foodienomics
    While Restaurant Staff Starves, L.A. City Council Gets StuffedA report drops on just how much “discretionary funding” is going to Pacific Dining Car and E3rd Steakhouse.
  5. Empire Building
    Two Boots Pizza and Umamicatessen Elected to Bring Back BroadwayThe two new restaurant projects are being cited as central parts of José Huizar’s plan to bring the historic corridor back to its former glory.
  6. Mediavore
    Lohan’s Rumored Jail Diet Upsets Prisoner Peers; New Policy To Strengthen L.A.The actress is rumored to be paying for “special food,” while Councilman Jose Huizar addresses the city’s economic disparities.