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Jordan Grosser

  1. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: Turducken at Honor BarIt’s a summery take on the Thanksgiving stunt dish.
  2. What to Eat
    What to Eat and Drink at Honor, Opening January 3 in EmeryvilleThe new bar and grill from former Gitane barkeep Alex Smith and chef Jordan Grosser will open right after the new year.
  3. Nonstaurants
    Alembic Chefs Launch Stag Dining; Dirty Dishes Finishes; Diamond Lil Pops Up onTwo Alembic chefs, former and current, reunite for clandestine dining.
  4. Rumor Mill
    What of the Chefs Who Don’t Have Kitchens to Call Home?A roundup of the top eight talented local chefs who don’t currently have restaurants.