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Jonathon Sawyer

  1. Video Feed
    Watch Jonathon Sawyer Discuss the Appeal of Crowd-Funding a RestaurantGrub’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the Cleveland chef for CBS This Morning.
  2. Chef PSA
    Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer Got Hit by a Bus and Went Straight Back to Work“This issue is bigger than Jonathon Sawyer or the RTA, it has to do with bike and driver safety.”
  3. Scary Things
    This Crazy-Hot Summer Is Scaring Chefs and FarmersThe Cleveland-based chef says we can no longer deny climate change.
  4. Elsewhere
    Ex-Parea Chef Opens NYC-Inspired Noodlecat Next Week … in ClevelandJonathon Sawyer found inspiration in New York’s revered noodle houses, but also in the words of a talking cat.
  5. Burgers
    Carmellini, Katie Lee, Rachael Ray Discuss What Will Be the Next Burger atKatie Lee votes tacos, Rachael Ray thinks “the hot dog is already sexy.” Plus a closer look at the evening’s burgers.
  6. Occupational Hazards
    Whoops! Jonathon Sawyer Accidentally Poisoned Himself With a False ChanterelleThanks to a mushroom-foraging trip gone wrong, the Cleveland chef found himself in the hospital.