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  1. q&a
    Why Everyone Should Care About the L.A. Times’ Brand-new Food SectionEditor Peter Meehan on Jonathan Gold’s legacy, Lucky Peach‘s influence, and beefing with Bon Appétit.
  2. The L.A. Times Hired Two New Restaurant CriticsEater’s Bill Addison and the Arizona Republic’s Patricia Escárcega will pick up where Jonathan Gold left off.
  3. food media
    Lucky Peach Cofounder Peter Meehan Joins the Los Angeles TimesAs a contributing editor tasked with “seeking new restaurant critics and authoritative voices” to contribute to the paper’s food section.
  4. in memorium
    L.A. Will Light Up This Weekend in Honor of Jonathan GoldMore than a dozen buildings in the city will shine gold lights on their façades in tribute to the late restaurant critic.
  5. tributes
    A Restaurant Critic on Jonathan Gold’s Timeless, Tireless Food WritingAdam Platt looks back on the work of the renowned Los Angeles bard.
  6. obits
    Los Angeles Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold Has DiedThe Pulitzer prize-winning writer was 57.
  7. Interviews
    Jonathan Gold on His New Movie“Can you imagine me being Guy Fieri?”
  8. The Other Critics
    Pulitzer Prize–Winning Food Critic Jonathan Gold Abandons“If chefs truly can cook better when they know a critic is in the house, then restaurants without an early warning system are at a permanent disadvantage.”
  9. Lists
    Jonathan Gold Ranks the 101 Best Los Angeles RestaurantsMichael Cimarusti’s Providence is the food critic’s top pick.
  10. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Reviews RivaBella; Besha Rodell Considers Corazon Y MielElsewhere, Brad A. Johnson gives San Juan Capistrano’s RokPrime one and a half stars.
  11. Taco Town
    Jonathan Gold Takes On Thirteen TacosInteresting under-the-radar inclusions help extend one’s adventures through Taco Town.
  12. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Strikes Satisfaction at Corazon Y MielThe critic compares chef Eduardo Ruiz’s place to “the Latino equivalent of restaurants like Spice Table, Lukshon, Chego, or Bar Ama.”
  13. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Gets Raw At M.A.K.E.; Catching Up With John SedlarThe creative Rivera chef will not longer be cooking at Playa, putting his attentions towards his Tamale Museum instead.
  14. The Other Critics
    Rodell In Awe At Allumette; J. Gold Chipper at Chi SpaccaDown in San Juan Capistrano, Brad A. Johnson bellies up for brunch at the historic Ramos House Cafe.
  15. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Takes To Muddy Leek; Johnson Narrowly Escapes Boredom at Brea’s“If everything weren’t so well-executed, I’d say this place was ridiculously boring,” the O.C. critic writes about Brea’s hot Italian trattoria.
  16. The Other Critics
    Besha Rodell Anchors at littlefork; Jonathan Gold Tips His Hat To TamarindGold says the Newport location “may be SoCal’s best Indian restaurant.”
  17. The Other Critics
    Gold Canuckles Under Littlefork’s Poutine; Rodell Revels in Highbrow, ‘Slutty’In Anaheim, Brad. A Johnson falls in love with The Ranch.
  18. The Other Critics
    Rodell Labels Alma A Gem; Gold Gobbles Fish Heads at Hunan MaoDown in the O.C., Brad A. Johnson squeezes into The Cellar in San Clemente.
  19. The Other Critics
    J. Gold Hails Hinoki & The Bird; L.A. Weekly Drops ‘99 Essential Restaurants’In Santa Ana, Brad A. Johnson loves Jason Quinn’s food, even if he thinks there’s a “Playground bully” lurking in the kitchen.
  20. Celebrity Settings
    Anne Hathaway Parties at Eveleigh; Jessica Chastain Reveals Boyfriend at Fig &While the nominees mingled, Christina Aguilera took her opportunity to chow down at In-N-Out.
  21. The Other Critics
    Gold and Rodell Revel In Southern Glory at Hart & Hunter; Damon Gambuto ShredsSerious Eats misguidedly declares that Paul Shoemaker “can feel more like a brand than an actual chef.”
  22. The Other Critics
    Patric Kuh Praises Gorge in West Hollywood; Gold Soaks In Venice’s HostariaThe Los Angeles Magazine critic calls Elia Aboumrad’s French restaurant on the Sunset Strip “seductive.”
  23. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold Finds Le Ka’s Fine Bistro Food ‘Trapped In The Body of a Nightclub’The critic loves Remi Lauvand’s cooking, but is perplexed by a scene that’s not about the food.
  24. The Other Critics
    Rodell Reviews The Parish; Gold Cuts Across The CityThe L.A. Weekly critic finds more magic in the room than on the menu.
  25. The Other Critics
    Gold Drops L.A.’s Top Ramen; Scattergood Seeks Out PorchettaIn Orange County, Brad A. Johnson gives DivBar a sterling review, a day before the chef takes off.
  26. The Other Critics
    Gold Mines Cortez To Find Shrunken Small Plates; Rodell Rousts Chatty Waiter andElsewhere, Brad A. Johnson eats a bunch of tacos in Dana Point.
  27. The Other Critics
    Rodell Wrassles Down Black Hogg; Gold Tackles Tex-Mex at Bar AmaElsewhere, Brad A. Johnson suggests skipping the tasting menu and goling straight for the escargot shumai at Charlie Palmer.
  28. The Other Critics
    Rodell Adores The Austrian Authenticity of BierBeisel; Gold Jumps Aboard BestiaBernhard Mairinger’s European sensibilities and training net his restaurant three stars from L.A. Weekly.
  29. The Other Critics
    Besha Basks in Bestia; O.C. Weekly Tears Into Fast Food MavenElsewhere, Jonathan Gold looks at his favorite dishes of the past year.
  30. The Other Critics
    Gold Charmed By Storefront’s Cutting Edge Deli SandwichesThe critic finds the tiny new shop “at the heart of one of the strongest culinary movements in the country.”
  31. The Other Critics
    J. Gold Stands Beside Spago; Besha Rodell Thinks Cortez Is Killing ItThe Echo Park locavore avoids being just “a parody of 2012 and of everything Chang was deriding in his figs-on-a-plate comment.”
  32. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Meets Ebenezer Scrooge, December 26 in Culver CityThe critic makes his Dickensian debut. Can he possibly restrain himself for asking for “more?”
  33. The Other Critics
    Gold Meets Sqirl; Besha’s Back at SpagoIn other news, Brad A. Johnson finds both stumbles and success stories at Stonehill Tavern.
  34. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Tackling Charles Dickens?The critic will appear in a local production of A Christmas Carol.
  35. The Other Critics
    Alma Wins Gold; M.A.K.E. Made Besha RawJonathan Gold Really Loved Alma; Besha Rodell Really Got Raw at M.A.K.E. Time Out LA finds food fantasy at The Hart and The Hunter
  36. Stay Gold
    Jonathan Gold Is Getting His Own Documentary“You wouldn’t believe how fetching I look in a burqa,” the critic says.
  37. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold is America’s Best Food CriticLos Angeles Has the Best Food Critic in the U.S.
  38. The Other Critics
    WuHan, Gold’s Got You All in Check; Rodell Savors The Camp at MessHallThe L.A. Times critic eats the Chinese city’s signature re gan mian and gets a dose of bullfrog stew.
  39. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Rolls Into MessHall For a Fun TimeThe camp-themed restaurant is more of a neighborhood scream than a destination.
  40. Burn Sauce
    Weak Sauce: Restaurant Critics Endure Fairly Boring Death Threats“Fieri dumped a 500-seat tourist shakedown apparatus in the middle of Times Square.”
  41. Foodievents
    Evan Kleiman, David Sax, and J. Gold Take a Look ‘Beyond Bubbie’The personalities are getting together to schmooze on grandma’s home-cooking.
  42. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Tackles Laurel Hardware“Sometimes the intermarriage works,” the critic writes of Mario Alberto’s vast imagination, “and sometimes it doesn’t.”
  43. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Go Bragh at Tom Bergin’s; Bill Esparza Explores Little“What you’re competing against consists mostly of faded memories of bad steam-table food,” the critic says of Brandon Boudet’s Irish eats.
  44. The Other Critics
    Rodell Raves About Mozza’s Salumi Nights; Gold Name Checks at Plan CheckGold considers the West L.A. burger bar through the prism of Myhrvold, Umami Burger, and Blumenthal.
  45. The Gold Watch
    Gold Alights Again on Starry KitchenDubs the chili crab a “cult dish” at its new Tiara Cafe location.
  46. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Is The Second Most Followed Critic on TwitterJonathan Gold should always be first.
  47. The Other Critics
    Gold Finds Good Cheer at Superba Snack BarThe critic calls Jason Neroni’s recipes “sunny and straightforward.”
  48. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Eulogizes CampanileThe critic was married at what he refers to as “one of the city’s best.”
  49. The Other Critics
    Chen Chows Chuan Ma Noodle House; Gold Ponders The Japanese Food CourtRosemead’s new Sichuan earns mighty accolades for its hand-cut noodles and six-spice broth.
  50. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Chases The Drago To Sunset Blvd.The critic declares, “nothing here is revolutionary; almost everything here is good” at Osteria Drago.
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