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  1. restaurant review
    Will Four Twenty Five Kill the Grill?Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s newest restaurant takes aim at midtown’s most famous dining room.
  2. restaurant review
    Benno Is Technically Precise, Anti-Fad, and Refreshingly RefinedFormer Per Se and Lincoln chef Jonathan Benno finds his own culinary voice at his eponymous restaurant at the Evelyn Hotel.
  3. openings
    Inside Benno, Manhattan’s Most Grown-up New RestaurantFancy pasta, skate almondine, and much more.
  4. craze
    With an Assist From Per Se Vet Jonathan Benno, Can Roman Pizza Conquer New York?Not since the 1990s has it been such a hot topic. Here’s how to tell your taglios and teglias from your tondas.
  5. chef shuffles
    Two of New York’s Most Notable Chefs Are Leaving Their RestaurantsLincoln’s Jonathan Benno and the NoMad’s James Kent are both moving on to pursue solo projects.
  6. In Season
    In Season: Jonathan Benno’s Pasta e FagioliMade with heirloom beans from California’s boutique beanery Rancho Gordo, which are firmer and more flavorful than average.
  7. Video Feed
    Watch Jonathan Benno in the Most Subdued VICE ‘Munchies’Jonathan Benno knows a thing or two about tripe sandwiches.
  8. Reflections
    Jonathan Benno Reflects on One Year of LincolnThe haute cafeteria of Lincoln Center.
  9. Foodievents
    The Craftastic FiveA dream team celebrates Craft’s tenth anniversary.
  10. Lists
    Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmm’: Alan Richman’s Best NewLook how far a little preopening kitchen schmoozing can go!
  11. The Other Critics
    Lincoln’s $20 Million Moment Has ArrivedSam Sifton files his review.
  12. Openings
    First Look Inside Lincoln’s Grass HouseA peek inside Jonathan Benno’s post–Per Se foray.
  13. Openings
    Richman Takes Italian Lessons From BennoMore from inside Lincoln’s kitchen.
  14. Openings
    Looking at Lincoln’s Menu: Bistecca Fiorentina and Rainbow CookiesJonathan Benno starts to put final touches on his menu.
  15. Openings
    Lincoln Center Program: Lincoln Takes Resys, Atlantic Grill Opens FridayJonathan Benno’s restaurant opens September 24, and the second location of Atlantic Grill opens Friday.
  16. In the Magazine
    Fall Preview: What’s on Deck From Andrew Carmellini, Michael White, MarioA look ahead at what’s on the table for fall.
  17. Locavores
    Is the Locavore Movement Making Chefs Travel Farther?And just how hands-on can a chef get with a farmer’s crops?
  18. Openings
    Benno’s Lincoln Center Restaurant Called, Shockingly,Because it’s at Lincoln Center. Get it?
  19. Openings
    Lincoln Center Gets an Outdoor Eatery Ahead of Anonymous Benno ProjectA first look at Arpeggio Outdoors.
  20. Mediavore
    Benno Needs a Restaurant Name; Cook-off at Rikers IslandPlus: food activists unimpressed with Monsanto, and pretzels: so hot right now, all in our morning news roundup.
  21. The New York Diet
    Chef Marc Forgione Ends His Days With Hash Browns“I quit smoking weed a couple years ago, and every time I eat these hash browns I’m like, ‘I wish I could eat this while I’m baked.’”
  22. Personalities
    Thomas Keller ‘Would Love to Do a Bouchon Brooklyn’But will it actually happen?
  23. Openings
    Is Plywood Blogging Getting to Be a Little Bit Much?More construction shots of a restaurant that still doesn’t have a name or walls!
  24. Openings
    The Preopening Hype for Jonathan Benno’s Post–Per Se Restaurant HasAnd yet, it doesn’t even have a name.
  25. Personalities
    Thomas Keller Serves BLTs Because He Loves BMWsPlus, Keller prepares for Jonathan Benno’s departure from Per Se.
  26. Chef Shuffle
    Jonathan Benno Will Leave Per Se for Lincoln Center ProjectThomas Keller’s right-hand man has been lured away by the Patina Group.
  27. Insider Accounts
    A Cook Blogs from Inside Per Se’s KitchenThe unbearable lightness of Scottish langoustines.
  28. Foodievents
    Per Se Finds a Way to Make Dinner Even More ExpensiveIs the new dinner series a steal or a case of fiddling while Rome burns?
  29. Chef Shuffle
    Keller Confirms Benno Will Leave Per Se, And He’s Okay With ThatPer Se’s chef of five years looks to the future.
  30. Chef Shuffle
    Benno Leaving Per Se?Thomas Keller’s star chef may be striking out on his own.
  31. Foodievents
    Benno Keeps It RealThe Per Se chef does not approve of molecular gastronomy.
  32. Chef Encounters
    Your Chance to Chat Up Thomas KellerHe’ll be in conversation with Michael Ruhlman and Jonathan Benno on Saturday.
  33. Top Chef
    More From Tom and Padma: Guest Judges, Food As Foreplay, and Colicchio As SexMore ‘Top Chef’ talk from today’s conference call. Turns out most of the season was shot in Brooklyn!
  34. NewsFeed
    David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’Facing the truth about Ssäm.
  35. Back of the House
    Jay Rayner Paints the New York Restaurant World in a Few Broad Strokes The Man Who Ate the World, British restaurant critic Jay Rayner’s tour of the planet’s great restaurant cities will be coming out soon, as Gawker noted yesterday. Its piece lingered over Super Mario’s latest profanity-laced anti-blogger tirade, which was almost as enjoyable as his last one. But having read the New York chapter, we were hit by how much other good stuff was in it.
  36. NewsFeed
    NYC Chefs: Setaro Pasta Rules!Today marks the tenth anniversary of Chelsea Market, a place we would avoid if there were anyplace else to get Setaro pasta. The supremacy of the Campagnan product, sold only in Buonitalia at the market, is something we never stop hearing about: last night, Kevin Garcia of Accademia del Vino told us, “All the top chefs I know use it — it’s the pasta of choice, the best I’ve ever been able to find.” Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Jonathan Benno at Per Se, and any number of other food luminaries swear by the stuff. But why? Buonitalia co-owner Antonio Magliulo says, “This company, Setaro, is very small. They don’t produce a lot of pasta. And when they dry it, it’s at low temperatures, so it keeps the flavor and texture. The way it cooks, the bite that it keeps — it’s something special.”
  37. Mediavore
    Chodorow, While Still Bitter, Lifts Ban on PlattAdam Platt and Frank Bruni are no longer banned from Jeffrey Chodorow’s restaurants. Even though, says the restaurateur, Platt “missed the whole point of Wild Salmon.” [Restaurant Girl] Related: Salmon Cured? [NYM] In a revealing interview, Marco Pierre White takes a stand against the star-chef game: “Can you imagine: You take your wife out to my restaurant for dinner, and I’m not behind the stove. You find out I’m in America — how would you feel when you’ve just done $1,200 for dinner? It’s a sour taste, isn’t it?” [Salon] Thomas Keller announces that he isn’t really the man at Per Se: “I [speak] as someone who is somewhat detached from it because it is a Jonathan Benno restaurant.” [MSN]
  38. The In-box
    Why Wasn’t I Completely Floored by Craft?Dear Grub Street, I’m hoping someone can explain Craft to me. I was taken there the other night for my birthday dinner and came away completely confused and disappointed. Really, what’s the big deal? What’s with all the glowing reviews? Andrea
  39. NewsFeed
    A Salumi-Obsessed Chef’s New GigWhen we were told that Italian Wine Merchants had a new chef, our first thought was, Why would a wine store need a chef? In fact, the Batali-owned specialty shop does a huge banquet business and is booked for private events nearly year-round. The new chef is Liz Chapman, a veteran of Craft, Casa Mono, and Babbo, and a big part of her mandate is to create the cured meats that Mario & Co. so adore. Chapman, whose fiancé is Per Se chef de cuisine Jonathan Benno, tells us, “I’m really here for the salumi. I wake up in the morning, and they’re all I think about.” We know how you feel, Liz. Just don’t tell Benno!