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Johnny Garlic’s

  1. Guy Fieri
    One of Guy Fieri’s Restaurants Just Closed With ‘No Warning atThey’re calling it the Day the Volcano Chicken Stopped Erupting.
  2. Too Kewl for Skeewl
    Guy Fieri Introduces ‘Kraft Kocktails’ Menu at Johnny Garlic’sThere’s a little bit of Sierra Mist in every Kentucky Buck.
  3. Guy Fieri Food
    Guy Fieri Closes Tex Wasabi’s Location in Sacramento, Flips It Into aWe suppose they’re interchangeable?
  4. The Other Critics
    Contra Costa Woman Rushes to Defense of Guy Fieri, Raves About JohnnyAll told, she gives it two and a half stars, and even manages to work in the word ‘restraint.’