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    John Hodgman Offers His Thoughts on the Cat Café and Alcoholic Mayonnaise“I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do have an alcohol molar.”
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    Speakeasies Real and Unreal: Panda and You Are Not WantedThe opening of Passerby 2.0, plus John Hodgman on the speakeasy trend.
  3. NewsFeed
    John Hodgman Unlikely Star of Mixologist CalendarIn what will surely become mixology’s version of Yankees Stadium’s Monument Park, Jill DeGroff, wife of “King of Cocktails” Dale, has sketched caricatures of a dozen “cocktailians” and included them in a calendar that’s going for $17.95 (about the price of an overpriced drink!). Some of the local drink-slingers whose recipes and rosy-cheeked mugs are featured: Audrey Saunders from Pegu Club, Julie Rainer from Flatiron Lounge, and Sasha Petraske from Milk and Honey. Our favorite part, though, is the page on which a pants-less John Hodgman gives his preferred synonyms for booze.