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  1. openings
    How One Hypertalented Chef Shifted Gears to Become an Empire-BuilderJohn Fraser’s latest restaurant, 701West, opens tonight in Times Square.
  2. first taste
    First Taste: A Celebrity Chef’s New Brasserie Already Feels FamiliarAdam Platt takes a look at the new restaurant from John Fraser.
  3. openings
    John Fraser Is Opening a Gimmick-Free Brasserie in the West VillageThe menu at the Loyal is familiar and creative, with gastropubby-sounding fare like bistro mushrooms with bone-marrow bread crumbs and shrimp scampi.
  4. Restaurant Review
    Nix Pushes the Vegetable-Forward EnvelopeWhile Café Altro Paradiso plays it safe.
  5. Openings
    Potato Frybread Is Here to Dethrone Measly ToastIt’s on the menu at Nix, John Fraser’s new restaurant.
  6. Reopenings
    Dovetail’s Brand-New Dishes Are Michelin-Caliber Riffs on Time-Honored“I became more interested in making the best mushroom dish or what have you.”
  7. Pro Tips
    Slideshow: How to Dice, Cut, and De-Heart Like a ProThe proper techniques for some particularly challenging fruits and vegetables.
  8. Pro Tips
    Slideshow: How to Quarter, Slice, Fillet, and Shuck Like a ProIt’s no good having a wa-sujihiki knife if you don’t know how to use it.
  9. The Dish
    How Narcissa Pastry Chef Deborah Racicot Created Her Citrus Fruit SaladIt’s a superlight dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth.
  10. Openings
    What to Eat at Narcissa, John Fraser’s Restaurant Inside the Standard EastIt’s named after a cow on Balazs’s farm.
  11. Health Concerns
    Dovetail Latest High-End Restaurant Dealing With DOH HeadachesThe Michelin-starred restaurant currently has a C-level report and is awaiting reinspection.
  12. Appointments
    John Fraser Joins André Balazs at the Standard East VillageVegetables will take center stage.
  13. Brooklyn-Bound
    John Fraser Is Thisclose to Signing a Lease in GreenpointThe Dovetail toque plans to open a more casual eatery in the hood.
  14. Legal Woes
    This Is What Happens When … You Screw John FraserHe’ll eat his lawyers for dinner.
  15. Closings
    What Happens When Will Shutter SaturdayAmid liquor-license issues, John Fraser is “throw[ing] in the towel.”
  16. Pop-ups
    A Sneak Peek at What Happens When, Movement No. 2It’s March 1, which means a scene and menu change for John Fraser’s pop-up.
  17. Slideshow
    What to Eat at John Fraser’s What Happens When, Popping Up Next WeekYour first look at a few of the “vaguely Scandinavian” dishes.
  18. Chef Shuffle
    Broadway East Invites Pop-up Chefs to Pop InRon Castellano has plans for a restaurant that will reinvent itself every three months.
  19. Openings
    John Fraser Pops Up in Former Le Jardin SpaceThe Dovetail chef plans a stripped-down temporary restaurant in Nolita.
  20. The Food Chain
    John Fraser Is Seduced by the Simplicity of Scarpetta’s Spaghetti“There is a soulful element that makes me feel like I want to slurp each tangle of pasta one by one.”
  21. The Food Chain
    Harold Dieterle Can’t Get Enough of Dovetail’s ‘Clean,’“He lists the ingredients, and I was like, ‘Dude, is this a dessert?’ But it’s very, very balanced.”
  22. How Do You Make That?
    How to Make Dovetail’s White GazpachoYou asked for the recipe!
  23. TV Land
    Fraser Tells Sous-Chefs to Get LostJohn Fraser ditches his sous-chefs in Kitchen Stadium.
  24. Renovations
    Old Lady Died Moved So You Can Eat at DovetailJohn Fraser wins; Dovetail will expand.
  25. Lists
    Local Talent Gets Love From Bourdain, But Not From World’s Great ChefsBourdain picks thirteen places to visit before you die, and ten superstar chefs pick 100 emerging stars.
  26. Openings
    Dovetail’s Fraser Pitches Central Park Cart and CaféJohn Fraser wants to expand outdoors.
  27. NewsFeed
    Dovetail’s John Fraser Will Pair Your Food With SherryThe chef explains why sherry is not just for grandma anymore.
  28. NewsFeed
    Chefs Love What Mom Used to MakeWe asked a handful of chefs which childhood dishes they remember most fondly and which ones, if any, they’ve reinvented as their own.
  29. NewsFeed
    Taste of the Upper West Side Has More Chefs Than Can Fit OnscreenTwenty-four major chefs are showing up for the new Taste of the Upper West Side. Who would have thought it?
  30. The Annotated Dish
    Dovetail’s Deconstructed Muffuletta Is a Trojan Horse for Lamb’s TongueDovetail, John Fraser’s new Upper West Side restaurant, is enjoying a critical reception not seen in some time. Adam Platt’s three-star review highlighted the deconstructed muffuletta sandwich with fried lamb’s tongue. Fraser says the dish came to him in a dream but also has a more practical explanation: “Lamb’s tongue is not the easiest thing to sell, so you have to pair it with something really interesting.” As always, mouse over the different elements to hear them described in the chef’s own words.